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on January 3, 2013
Purchased this through amazon for my little boy, 4 months old. Shipping was surprisingly fast. He loves the toys on it and bouncing away. Doesn't have as much of a range of motion to jump as I would like. If I had the opportunity to compare models in a store doubt I would have picked this one. Music on it is not nearly as irritating as some though so that's a bonus. :) We find it is fairly wobbly however and my husband is going to have to reinforce the base. We may have just got a bad one though as there is a bit of a dent in one of the metal tubes that forms the base. It worked fine at first but after only a couple days is getting wobblier and wobblier. Overall my little one doesn't mind and will happily bounce away and play in his new jumperoo. We were hoping to only have one item but are going to end up getting a traditional jolly jumper as well to give him the jumping motion he so loves!
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on August 3, 2013
Bought this instead of the rainforest one because the rf was really expensive. Despite being an average-sized 5-month-old who can hold his head up perfectly since 2-3 months ago, this jumper was way too high for my baby... On the lowest setting, his feet were 6 inches (or more) from the ground. By the time he's tall enough to use it, he'll be too mobile to use it safely. Also the seat did not rotate freely, and even if he could touch the ground, there's no way he could explore the whole toy on his own. The motion was way too stiff (tried adjusting the fit of the seat, no improvement). Seriously disappointed! First time returning something to amazon.
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on December 24, 2012
I don't normally bother with reviews but I think this product is worth my time! (Hope you find the review useful).

My little girl is 97 percentile+ for height. I did a lot of research prior to buying this jumperoo. She is currently 5 months and I use a book to prop up her feet slightly so she has enough bent in her knees to jump. There is lots of room for her to grow in it given the 3 height settings. Fisher-Price really got the seat design right - despite her height she doesn't topple over. The seat is set deep enough and yet isn't so large that she gets lost in it (she can lean on the edges to support herself). The toys are fun - she really enjoys the keyboard, the red monkey and the sliding discs. The music isn't too annoying for parents either! The setup was super easy and Amazon did a great job getting the product to us in a timely fashion (as I couldn't wait to put her in it!).

We have an exersaucer that was a gift. The seat is so wide and shallow that it swallows my daughter in it (she leans too much and therefore topples over). The fact that she stands stationary vs being able to jump is a big difference. In contrast, the Discover and Grow is a wayyyy superior product, especially for my tall little girl! This is a toy that allows mom to step away knowing their precious little one is safe and fully able to enjoy/entertain themselves for a little while.
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on June 16, 2015
Great toy. Using it for baby #2 now. The base snaps together in three pieces with metal press buttons. These are rough and exposed. Both my 2yr old and I have gotten some scrapes from this. The baby using the toy would never get hurt but those around the toy need to be mindful.
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on September 4, 2013
What a great little thing to keep your little one busy and develop his/ her brain. It's keep the little one amused at all times.
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on July 28, 2016
My kids loved this product! They could bounce on it all day.
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on August 24, 2013
My 5 month old has been using this jumper for the last three weeks and he loves it. His favourite feature is the musical toy, by far. He hasn't figured out how to jump in it much yet but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it. I was also very pleased with receiving free shipping for this product AND with how quickly it arrived. I expected that it could take 3 to 4 weeks but it arrived in one week!

The only complaints I have are:
1 - that he can't turn in the seat and I'm not sure that he'll ever be able to because of how stiff it is, and
2 - that even on the lowest setting, he needs something under his feet so that he's not dangling from the seat. He is in the 87% for height at his age so it is not that he is just too short. I have heard this complaint for almost every jumper out there though so I was prepared for this to be the case for this product too. We use a Wii fit board under his feet for now.

This is definitely a good product for the price we paid.
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on April 11, 2014
One of the best baby products I have purchased. My daughter loved her jumperoo for the longest time. She could play for up to 20-30 minutes sometimes, which for my daughter, was amazing!! I could put her in there while I ate my meal, or folded laundry, etc. She was a bit short for it when we first bought it, but we put books underneath it until her toes could reach the floor. And the music on it isn't anywhere near as annoying as other jumperoos I have heard! I don't even notice it now. Definitely recommend this product!
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on August 10, 2012
After alot of searching, this jumperoo seemed like the one worth taking a chance on!

As a single mother, I was nervous when I heard this package arrived. I didn't know how big the box was going to be or how hard it would be to assemble. I was quite shocked when I realized I could easily carry this package (I wondered if this was the right order) and when I got home, it was super easy to assemble. I locked it all into place but was a bit skeptical about how flimsy it is when put together. Definitely safer than a jolly jumper and very cute but all the toys are just attachment plastic pieces. Nothing too fancy, definitely a pretty penny for something that I was better off buying second hand.

And have to agree, not sure how big they expect a stage 1 baby to be. My daughter is 25 inches long and needs a pillow under her feet.
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on May 19, 2013
Product is good quality, delivered fast. easy to set up. my baby keeps jumping and music starts playing,, very fun for the baby. However I find it a little bit awkward trying to put the baby in the seat, may be its okay for other people,, but my baby's legs get stuck when I try to put the baby in the seat, but again other people could find it easier. All in all,, good product.
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