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on November 20, 2014
Well worth it
For any Xbox One users
Super easy to formant it to store all future downloads
And once the xbox is off the storage unit will be off too!
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on November 17, 2015
These are pretty good hard drives and usually can be found for less than their internal drives. Secret, they are the exact same as an Internal. They have a USB 3.0 enclosure that likes to fail after 1 to 12 months of use. The reason it gets 3 stars instead of one is what is actually inside the enclosure. This particular drive is a 7200 RPM 64MB cache SATA3 drive. If yours dies just take the enclosure apart remove the drive and install it as an internal drive. You already have the Power and SATA connectors. Want is to go super fast as an external, (as long as you have an ESata port) get a external with ESata connection and you will get a constant 150mb/s Read and write for these. USB 3.0 flat lines at about 90 MB/s. .
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on September 28, 2016
Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing inherently wrong with Seagate drives. You just have to be aware what drives are for what usage. Think of the expansion line as offline storage only. Once upon a time they used the exact same drives as the oem desktop ones but no longer. Thus, for those who strip out the drives like I did to use in home servers and such often found a higher than normal failure rate. It is not the drives or Seagate's fault; it is ours for being cheap. I have now replaced all failed drives with the Seagate NAS models and my server is super stable.
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on November 16, 2015
Loved this drive until it died in a catastrophic failure barely 2 years in. Cost me over a grand to try and save less than half my files. My data recovery guy said don't go Seagate if you can help it. Go Western Digital -- get a Passport. So far that advice is doing me in good stead.

It's a shame though because it was a good, fast drive.... for the 23 months that it worked.
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on July 6, 2017
It's lasted me 3 years so far. My only gripe with this thing is that it never stops spinning. My other Seagate drives go into sleep mode after a few minutes but this simply will not do that. Tried new cables, formatted it and everything but the problem still persists. Oh well, it stores information well.
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on May 18, 2014
In what business world does it make sense to charge substantially more money for a bare bones product over the deluxe model? It doesn't so why then are bare hard drives so much more expensive than enclosed external hard drives?

My needs are for eleven, yes 11! 3TB (three Terabyte) hard drives at a MINIMUM. I should ideally purchase 15 (fifteen) three terabyte hard drives for my own personal needs and EIGHT 3 Terabyte hard drives for family members. That means buying bare hard drives instead of enclosed models could cost me an extra $1000 dollars worst case.

So, I'm going to buy, and have been buying these enclosed hard drives, discarding the housing and using the bare hard drives in my various NAS units.

While I'm at it, why does Amazon limit the quantities of enclosed hard drives to 4 when Amazon sells devices that require as many as 8-9 hard drives? That doesn't make any business sense. Both scenarios,

One last thing, the hard drives are great with or without the housing. In the housing they get hot, far too hot if you stack them but Seagate didn't see fit to allow them to rest on edge like Western Digital does with their enclosed drives. If you have limited desk space buy the Western Digitals. If not, buy whichever is cheaper on shopping day.
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on February 14, 2015
Great External Hard Drive , really easy to use and to setup with my Xbox One. The HDD is recognized right away by the system and the setup takes 2 mins.Now, I gotta say that i see no difference between the speed between loading a game on xbox internal HDD versus the External one, In fact the loading seems faster on the external drive. Finally, when you come to switch a game from your internal to your external HDD, the process takes about 7-10 mins ( for Battlefield 4 60gig) yeah its pretty fast
-Very Silent Drive
-Seagate quality(will last long)
-Nice look

The only con is that the hard drive has 1.8 TB free space right out of the box but again, that's standard for ANY hard drive out there

Would re-buy anytime for extra PC space or for my gaming needs
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on December 15, 2015
Bought two of these almost a year ago, I've been using them as light-use non-RAID backups at work. These get a bad rap, and for that reason I'm avoiding using them as everyday drives, but for the price it is the best deal in terms of the space it has.

For some reason these drives come default set to be always on, as in if you leave it plugged in the drives will never spin down. I used Seagate tools to put a sleep timer on the drive after inactivity for a couple hours. I've read online varying reviews on whether having your drives spin down or constantly spinning is the best for your HDD, people seem to say contrasting things about both. Whether or not this was a good idea, only time will tell and I will update my comment accordingly as to whether the drives suddenly die on me or not!
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VINE VOICEon August 5, 2015
Standard desktop EHDD with USB 3.0. Once in awhile if I leave it connected to my Mac it doesn't get detected on wake up. It hasn't failed so far but there were a few close calls when I dropped it, another time it wouldn't wake up unless I unplugged it and rebooted my Mac a few times, that was when I decided I needed a another desktop EHDD as a backup. I've since moved on to portable drives instead.
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on January 14, 2015
Good, reliable little external drive, but we're getting to the point now where for an extra $10-$20 you can get a 3TB or 4TB. All depends on how much storage you need.

Edit: 4 years of medium use later and it's on it's last legs. I'm trying to salvage my data as I'm writing this. I had a backup of it in case this happened, but I wiped that backup in prep of grabbing the revised and new files off my primary. Now I may have lost all but a third of the data. Was literally 1/3 of the way through backing it up when it started to die.
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