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on July 18, 2012
Lockout is one of those films that could have turned out quite badly if they had not chosen the right lead actor. Luckily they choose Guy Pearce playing a cross between Han Solo and John Mclane. He looks like he is having a ball playing the supreme cynical smart aleck with the requisite concealed heart of gold. Maggie Grace plays of him nicely as the imperiled daughter of the President. If this reminds you of the Escape films then that is intentional.

This is an enjoyable B movie best enjoyed with beer and pizza. Plot you have seen before, variable performances, and just plain fun. Reccomended
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on March 9, 2014
Enjoyable escapist fair dealing with breaking into an Earth orbiting prison. All the prisoners in the orbiting space station prison are held in a suspended animation to serve out their term. Guy Pierce plays a government agent accused of being of being on the take and murdering a fellow agent. As a result he's tried and convicted and about to be sent to the orbiting prison. About the same time, a humanitarian team, led by the President's daughter, arrives to examine the condition of the prison. Needless to say all hell breaks loose and prisoners are released from suspension and take over the prison. Guy Pierce's situation changes and he now being sent up their to retrieve the President's daughter.

This is a Luc Besson story so if you are familiar with his movies this is along the same lines. Lots of action and interplay amongst the two main characters. Guy Pierce is able to throw off good one-liners in the way Bruce Willis did in the original Die Hard. As a matter of fact this is very reminiscence of Die Hard, but in space. I first saw this on Netflix but it was standard definition. Amazon had the Blu-ray version really cheap picked it up saw it again. Definitely better in Blu-ray.
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The movie follows a plot similar to "Escape from New York City," but other than Guy Pearce as Snow, it lacks memorable characters. In 2079, Guy is convicted of murder and espionage. In order to beat the rap he must rescue the President's daughter from an orbiting space prison...apparently built after a crazy ideas man gets elected president. I started making a list of the science flaws and quit after half a page. My other column for absurdities was equally as long. Clearly this is a "leave your brain at the door" movie.

Guy is a wise cracking individual. His humor is enjoyable, even if corny at times. Of course the President's daughter (Maggie Grace) objects to being the only hostage being rescued. Good comedy-action sci-fi story.

F-bomb, no sex, no nudity.
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Quick Review:
Set in the year 2079, CIA Agent Snow is wrongly accused of murdering a fellow agent and friend.
He agrees to rescue the U.S. President's daughter who is on a tour of a maximum security space prison in order to clear his name.
The prison has just been taken over by the inmates and Snow is sent in to rescue her.
The opening CGI scene is quite poor and feels VERY Playstation like but it does get better after that.
I didn't really expect much more than a mindless distraction going in and that's what I got.
Doubt anyone will be taking any awards for this flick, but it was worth the watch.
For the price I paid I cannot complain...may even watch it again in 5 years.
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on March 15, 2016
Surprising fantastic movie. I watched this on a whim, assuming it was more of a B type movie. 5 mins in and I was hooked. Action, humour, space, intrigue, could not ask for more.

Watch this movie!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 10, 2012
Lockout(released April/12)is a mindless,fun space romp with start to finish action,that would give a Die Hard movie a good run for its money.It stars Guy Pearce as Marion Snow,Maggie Grace as Emilie Warnock,Peter Stormare(Fargo) as Scott Langral and others.The story is by the Fifth Element man himself,Luc Besson.
The film opens in 2079 as Snow(a CIA agent)is being interrogated about a briefcase.Snow is a terminal smart butt,who just cannot resist a funny comeback under any circumstances.In a flashback we see the briefcase was thrown on board a subway car to a friend,but Snow has no idea where it is now.Snow in turn had gotten the suitcase from a friend who was murdered and who Snow is now being charged with murdering.Snow is sentenced without a court appearance to 30 years in cryo-stasis on the Earth's newest penal facility;an orbiting space station called M(aximum)S(ecurity)-1.
In tandem with this plot thread is another which involves the president's daughter Emilie,who is visiting the penal facility to inspect it.She has suspicions that the process of actual stasis has much more flaws to it than has been disclosed,especially since much of the money to build and run the station comes from private companies.On one side of a glass partition sits a deranged Irish prisoner,with a guard on either side.On the other side sits Emilie ,with the Warden,who asks about his general condition.When one of the guards gets heavy with the prisoner for being rude,the prisoner grabs a gun from him,which should NOT have been on his person and which he deliberately held from security.This is the pivotal moment,the pebble drop in the pond,and the rest of the film is the wave outwards.
From here the prisoner kills the guards and heads towards the control room,the very place Emilie has fled to.He gets all the cryo-tubes opened and the prisoners start running riot in the cell blocks.It is not too long after they have total control of the facility and are making demands back on Earth.
Snow is released on the condition that he go to the station and rescue the president's daughter.He hitches a ride aboard a space shuttle which has a hostage negotiator aboard.But that soon goes south and Snow is forced to do his thing.The crazy Irish prisoner is soon joined by his brother who takes charge and tries to keep his brother in control,with limited success.After a time the prisoners realize the valuable cargo they have in Emilie and they attempt to fetch her.However Snow gets there first and from then on it is a chase through the station.Along the way the pair find out that indeed some of the prisoners are being used as Guinea pigs.Snow tries to get Emilie on a shuttle for one but she refuses to leave and stays by Snow.
Emilie is captured by the prisoners,and after the crazed Irishman kills all the hostages,and his own brother,he turns on Emilie.But Snow is there to save her and both flee to don two heavy duty space suits.The Earth forces have charged the station and have planted a bomb which is set to detonate within a few seconds.The two leap out of the station and the resultant explosion knocks Emilie unconscious.Falling through the Stratosphere and into the atmosphere Snow gets both of their suits off and he manages to glide them safely to a landing on the off ramp to a highway.
Emilie uses her pull to get Snow exonerated of all charges and the man who sent Snow on his mission and one of his best friends,was the one behind all the intrigue.He of course is arrested,Snow gets the girl,Emilie finds the suitcase which is empty but Snow finds a micro-chip inside a lighter his dead friend had given him with the secrets,and they both walk into the sunset.
From beginning to end an enjoyable romp which will not win an academy award,and which one shouldn't delve into too deeply,lest one see some cracks in the veneer.No,this is simply one of those"I've got a neat story to tell you,listen",so you sit back and let it tell its tale,which is over before you know it.Well paced with a very likable scoundrel(Snow),Lockout is bound to please the lovers of action and thrills,mixed with a bit of Sci-Fi,in your family.
Technically speaking the film is in its original a/r of 2:40:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all,lovers of action mixed with Sci Fi will like this futuristic fast paced action thriller set in a space station high over the Earth.There is no time to catch your breath or think:just go with the flow and enjoy.3 1/2-4 stars.
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on February 3, 2013
Guy Pearce is so funny in this fast pace movie and i mean fast's a futuristic world
of a movie the action is way better than die hard but the movie could be compare to a
hole lot more of other movie's that's already been done.then it hit me it's almost like the last
Alien movie with a bunch of murderers and killers in a jail in space only thing he has to save
the president daughter and there is no Ripley what a shame.but i like it.but I've never ever
seen anyone get to earth so fast in a parachute from space BIG WOW for that.
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on August 26, 2014
this is a very good movie and I really wish we could ship our criminal element into space and not have to worry so much about escapes. guy pearce is awesome and the action is great, the humour is also a great break in the action, awesome price for combo disc
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on January 30, 2013
Despite the so-so reviews from all the critics , I found this to be a very enjoyable movie. The underlying theme may be similar to 'Escape from New York' , but that doesn't make it a bad movie. Guy Pearce was solid in the movie , the special effects were appropriate for the movie and the pace was perfect.
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on November 4, 2013
Standard bad guys get free, trap good girl, bad but better than the others guy gets roped into rescuing her type movie. That said, it's a good action and a fun ride.
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