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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on October 23, 2013
Just a warning to others about this particular edition. The digital copy does not work in Canada. It is US-only. I now have a disappointed kid. I bought this edition specifically to get the digital copy for her laptop. When I entered the code I got an error message that the code could be used only in the US. The other problem with this being a US version is that the audio tracks are English and Spanish, not English and French, so the description of the product is wrong.
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on November 15, 2013
This is the US version of the DVD, not the Canadian.

The Digital Download only works on a US iTunes account or a US Ultraviolet account. The code may also not be valid after August 18, 2013.

The second language is also not French, but Spanish.
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on March 15, 2015
FIRST OFF: i don't know why people are reporting that the DIGITAL CODE doesn't work for canada…. MY CODE WORKED ON ITUNES CANADA… i purchased my copy of this EXACT dvd as pictured on amazon FROM AMAZON! perhaps the people reporting this didn't buy theirs from amazon (seller)? anyways DIGITAL CODE FOR CANADA DOES WORK "if u are buying it from AMAZON" at least

NOW: about the movie? it was ODD, it was just something i never could of imagined someone would come up with, the things people could do to one another, and making it out to be entertainment in the process… is quite sad

i knew absolutely nothing about this series at the time of purchase, i had only briefly googled it to see how many movies there were so i would be sure to be buying all the related movies as i had purchased MOCKINGJAY… didn't even know there was 2 movies made prior to it

anyways good movie, a bit twisted if u ask me, but nevertheless i would re-watch it again, and it was definitely worth the price
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Every year, twenty-four teenage "tributes" are brought to the Capitol of Panem, and sent out into the arena to kill each other on live TV. Only one will survive.

This chilling premise is at the center of "The Hunter Games," a brilliant, powerful movie adapted from the first book of Suzanne Collins' bestselling trilogy. It's a slow-burning thriller twined with some barbed satire (reality TV!) and an oppressive government -- but at heart, it's an uplifting story about a young woman fighting to be free.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) lives in the impoverished District 12, hunting food to provide for her mother and her beloved little sister Prim (Willow Shields). But on the day of the reaping, Prim is selected. And Katniss does something no one else has done -- she volunteers to go instead. Along with the male tribute, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), she is swept away to the Capitol.

Once there, the tributes are pampered, tutored, styled and turned into celebrities -- until they're released into the arena, and start killing each other to survive. Katniss must evade murderous gangs, traps, and genetically engineered beasts.

But because Peeta publicly declared his love for Katniss, the audience has taken a shine to the impoverished young "lovers" and are rooting for them to triumph. But if both Katniss and Peeta are to survive, they must learn how to play the game that the gamemakers and polticians are playing -- and use the Hunger Games against them.

I'm not sure why so many people compare "The Hunger Games" to the Twilight movies, because it literally has everything that "Twilight" does not. It has plenty of action, adventure, a subtle romance, and some barbed social commentary -- and it has a raw, passionate quality that easily matches its strong-willed heroine.

The movie also shows us what a rotten place Panem is, whether it's the sleek, colorful superficiality of the Capitol or the faded squalor of District 12. But "Hunger Games" is at its best when it's in the forests of the arena -- there's a primal, wild quality to Katniss' adventures there, tempered with tenderer moments (such as when she cares for the gravely wounded Peeta).

The romance with Peeta is also refreshingly uncliched, leaving the audience unsure of how much of their love was for the audience's benefit (although we glimpse some flickers of real love between them). The biggest problems are that a lot of the violence seems rather toned down, and the shakycam becomes rather annoying at times.

But Jennifer Lawrence does an excellent job bringing Katniss to life, imbuing her with strength, fear, brains and a fiery temper -- exactly what the "girl on fire" needs to have. Josh Hutcherson is equally good as Peeta, and there are a string of great performances by Woody Harrelson, Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks and Amandla Stenberg. There's a lot of passion in even the minor actors' performances.

"The Hunger Games" successfully mingles dystopian sci-fi, romance and a tale of rebellion, giving us a brilliantly raw, passionate movie. A must-see.
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on March 10, 2016
All science fiction futuristic societies are written to have a message about the current day. This is normally contained within the text, or a line someone speaks. The movie starts giving us some background for the games, but we don't know why there was a rebellion in the first place, something that is in the book. The rebellion resulted in a lottery where teens from the various districts must now compete in a survivor battle to the death, all for the entertainment of the audience. Early in the film we hear, "If no one watches, we won't have a game." In other words if we stop watching reality TV shows, they will be taken off the air...not exactly a bad thing.

In those other films the evil of society had been either, capitalism, socialism, the super rich, corporations, religion, or science. The irony of the film/book is that it makes fun of the viewer/reader for enjoying it. They are the problem with today's voyeuristic dummy down society, which like the movie can be divided into two groups" Those who see the movie/games as entertainment. And the intellectuals who realize the metaphor contained within. I'm loving it! (Pardon my pop culture response, but it seems apropos.)

There is a stark contrast in wealth and dress between those who participate in the games and the society who runs them. However, it is those who participate who ultimately empower those who run them, just like with war, the second message of the film which dates from Homer "War is old men lying, young men dying."

Jennifer Lawrence, who I thought was Oscar worthy in "Winter's Bone," immediately becomes our heroine when she volunteers to take the place of her sister in the Hunger Games. We don't expect her to die anytime soon. As the fighting begins I kept wondering if they were going to simply fight for everyone's entertainment or are we going to get a Captain Kirk/Agorn moment when he has defeated his opponent and refuses to kill him shouting, "You are going to have to get your entertainment elsewhere!" Or maybe we could end it like "Death Race 2000" where Frankenstein kills the president...but I am getting way ahead of myself.

The victims, or tributes as they are called, are paraded and cheered having done nothing...similar to reality show TV "stars." (Yes I mean you talentless Snooki.) People wildly cheer because...they can. Woody Harrelson helps to bridge the time from when Jennifer Lawrence is selected until the fighting begins. Donald Sutherland appears as an unrealistic unlikeable President Snow, a composite character representing the evil of society. There are interviews and pageantry prior to the games during which time we get to know more about Jennifer and very little about the other contestants. It would have been nice to have known some of the quirky combatants and have them killed in ironic ways to their character, but maybe that was too much to ask about a film about shallow entertainment.

Jennifer, with her honesty and rebellious attitude has become the fan favorite and our favorite because she is the only contestant that we know. She lacks the killer instinct...until she must. Alliances form and everyone wants to get the fan favorite aka Rambette Jennifer Lawrence, who did an excellent job to give girls a heroine being both a compassionate woman and a huntress. Like all reality TV shows, when the drama starts to fade the program directors add an element to push it in the direction that they want.

No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. "Safe" for kids to watch.
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Think teen "Running Man" meets "I'm a non-celebrity get me out of here" with shades of "Logan's Run" and "Metropolis" and you're pretty close to summarising this film. The reality show format for a sci-fi rite of passage tale is an interesting take on an old theme and, despite its obvious heritage, it works very well and feels fresh and original. Set in a post apocalyptic world where a number of `districts' have been subjugated by a vast & powerful city state, the Hunger Games are an annual event where two children are taken from each district for a gladiatorial entertainment contest and to serve as a punishment for the districts following a revolt against the city seventy four years ago. The contrast between the poverty of the districts and the opulent, decadent city serves as a splendid backdrop to the action and the entire film is engaging, the pace is almost relentless and it is surprisingly absorbing; in the two hour and twenty minute duration there is never a dull moment.

The ending, however, is a little bit disappointing. There is ultimately no moral to the tale and the underlying message seems to be that conforming to the norm and maintaining the status quo is the goal; striving for change just isn't worth the effort. Perhaps, however, that is the whole point so it could actually be a clever commentary on the superficiality of modern life. Either way, this is a very entertaining and enjoyable film. The cast are great, the action never stops and the whole flashy package is smartly executed. Excellent stuff.
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I finally had a chance to watch Hunger Games Catching Fire yesterday. The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie definitely has me looking forward to watching the 2014 installment and the other movie that comes out later this year. It helps to watch the first Hunger Games installment because so much of the plot in Hunger Games Catching Fire is tied into what happened during the first movie. Hunger Games Catching Fire has Katnis Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) still coming to terms with how her life has changed. She is grappling with dealing with the pros and cons of being known as one of the game survivors and handling the complex relationship dynamics with Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth). To complicate matters, President Snow (Donald Sutherland) seems to want to do everything in his power to prevent Everdeen from being able to fully enjoy her life. As a matter of fact the only time Snow seems to have any heart is when it comes to his granddaughter (which doesn’t say much because even some of the most known evil people in real-life are known to at least show some semblance of humanity towards their own kids and/or grandchildren). I understand that Sutherland was only doing his job, I just found it jaw dropping how sinister he was required to be. For instance, one of Snow’s motives for wanting to target Everdeen has more to do with the hope that she brings rather than what she has done. There are a multitude of other famous celebrities that star in this movie as well (Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson, the late Phillip Seymour, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, and more). Music by Coldplay features at the end credits of Hunger Games Catching Fire.
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on March 2, 2013
In concept, The Hunger Games is basically THX 1138 meets Death Race 2000, but in execution it feels more like a metaphor for how we are forced to compete against others in the pursuits of our dreams (or even just to survive.) I haven't read the novel, but the idea is genius. Anyone can identify with it on at least a sub-conscious level. As a story it's intriguing, scary and exciting. I wanted to hate this film after all the hype, and for having the word "games" in the title (as a cheap marketing gimmick,) but it impressed me.

As a woodsman, some parts did annoy me. Of course whenever anyone in a Hollywood film is in the woods they have to fall, but after slamming over roots, rocks and ground, at the very least you'd be badly bruised and disoriented. Also, a bow & arrow might look easy but it actually takes a powerful arm and shoulder to manage. It's like pulling back 60 pounds with your fingers! It's difficult to pull off with grace, and added to this, repeated shots. Also, what kind of predator can be outrun by humans?

As for the violence, what sets this apart to other films for me is how easily randomly-selected people take to killing other human beings. Killing an animal for the first time can be a difficult thing. As for taking a human life, I guess I would look to "Unforgiven" as a realistic example of that. As good as this film is, its unrealistic approach to violence hurts it a bit for me. One could argue that it's taking the "Lord of the Flies" approach. In which case, the enemy is human nature. There is however that repressive Big Brother theme here, which questions the evils of centralized power and mainstream media. Obviously this film is in part exploring the exploitation factor of reality shows. As the kids are being observed by the adult watchers above, I can't help but be reminded of "The Truman Show," a film which was in some ways a precursor to reality TV.

I'll be reading the Hunger Games novels now for sure! I'd recommend this film for anyone who enjoys something different, thought-provoking or if you like romantic thrillers. But be warned; kids forced to kill other kids is obviously not subject matter suited for all audiences. The film isn't really about the violence though. It's about the main characters, as human beings, and how they overcome their ordeals. We watch them struggle and find ourselves rooting for them, before we realize the moral wrong in rooting for anyone in such a blood sport. In theory, we, like the viewers of the program in this film, should not be rooting for anything but the blood sport's termination. Otherwise, we are supporting blood sport entertainment. By engaging us into the sport, emotionally invested in the main characters, the film uses us to make its point to us.
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I expected nothing of this film. I bought it just to attempt to keep up with what younger generations were watching. Of course it was going to never catch fire with me. HA! The movie is extremely well made, beautifully acted, written with intelligence and a strong sense of originality. It gets a little smug at times, but I'll forgive it that because it is head and shoulders above all the rest of the 16-28 stuff out there.
Also, remarkably non-bloody, going for emotional tension and not the gut.
I thought I would watch it once and then file it away. Nope. The movie has something to say, about fascism of all unexpected subjects, and says it well.
Highly recommended even for the old foggies like myself.
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on January 26, 2013
The digital copy is like a ultraviolet digital copy(i will state this; I did not insert dvd into dvd drive prior to downloading as it was not specified so it may of taken less time if your on a low bandwidth) takes a while to download depending on speed of your started off at 81 minutes but then finished twenty odd minutes later.....Where with another digital copy(Captain America) with the DVD being the digital copy it takes 5 TO 8 MINUTES to load to your computer!

I-Tunes allow's the movie to be transferred to 5 different computers but you must log into I-Tunes account and select transfer to new computer!
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