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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Battleship arrives at blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 2.40:1 encode. Tobias A. Schliessler's photography is simply stunning, crisp and immaculate, with one gorgeous panoramic shot of Hawaii after another while the overall picture maintains brilliantly vivid and comfortably bright. Black levels are inky rich and penetrating with top-notch delineation of background information within the shadows. The entire video has a nice three-dimensional feel to it and comes with an attractive cinematic appeal. There are tremendous sharp fine details. The faces of the cast are probably the most shocking, exposing every pore, wrinkle, and superficial blemish. Stitching and threading in the various uniforms are plainly visible as is every distinct line, bolt and piece of equipment aboard the destroyers at the beginning and the battleship at the end. The creatures' spacesuits also display terrific definition of scars and minor imperfections. If you have anamorphic lens, you will truly appreciate the grandeur of the video, filling up completely on my 12 foot wide screen. This high definition transfer is simply flawless. (5/5)


This DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless track is incredibly loud, especially when the battle commences and things start exploding. The surrounds consistently come alive with extraordinary accuracy and directionality, filling the room with the sounds of objects flying everywhere. Missiles and shells from naval guns fly overhead to their target while the alien peg-like bombs whiz by side speakers and land in the back. Amid the boisterous mayhem, vocals and conversations remain crystal clear and precise so that we can hear every ridiculous piece of dialogue uttered by the entire cast. The soundstage is expansive with excellent fidelity and warmth. Dynamics and acoustics are fantastic. This is a fantastic soundtrack. (5/5)


Filmmaker Peter Berg (Hancock) helms this sci-fi-action epic, which takes its inspiration from the classic Hasbro board game of the same name. In the film, a hostile alien presence invades Earth, and only a military battleship under the command of a shiftless Naval lieutenant (Taylor Kitsch) stands between the creatures and total global domination.
(movie: 3/5)


Battleship has an estimated budget of $209 million, and its worldwide gross was only $302 million. This was considered a major flop in the box office. Battleship and John Carter were the two major box-office disasters in 2012. Coincidentally, Taylor Kitsch starred in both movies.

This is singer Rihanna’s acting debut.

The movie is based on the Milton Bradley game "Battleship" that has been manufactured since 1931. The original paper and pencil version of the game predates World War I.

When the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) was shown for the first time they were clearly showing DDG 65.

The crew of John Paul Jones is shown being able to ready the USS Missouri for combat within the space of an hour or two despite the vessel's status as a museum, albeit with the help of retired battleship veterans. The process or reactivating and modernizing the Iowa-class battleships in the early 80's took two years.

The boilers on the Missouri are shown being able to generate steam pressure instantaneously, so that the ship could be moved free of its moorings. In reality, the boilers of an Iowa-class battleship require between 9 and 14 hours to generate enough steam pressure to move the ship.

When the alien ship fires an ultrasonic attack, all the glass windows on the destroyer break. Once the ultrasonic sound stops, we can see that the team on the destroyer stand up and some of them use binoculars. The glass on these binoculars should also have been broken since it was directly exposed to the alien ship's ultrasonic sound.


It is really too bad that both John Carter and Battleship were box-office disasters. I enjoyed both movies on blu ray in my home theatre. In the case of Battleship, both video and audio are top-notched and flawless, definitely demo-worthy. Further, the price has recently dropped down to $24.99, then $22.99! The price is certainly right. This disc is highly recommended.

I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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The film starts with a NASA announcement that they are sending signals to a nearby "Goldilocks" planet to see if there is any life. We then switch to a bar scene where Alex (Taylor Kitsch) is "celebrating" his birthday with his naval officer brother Stone (Alexander Skarsgård). He sees a young lady at the bar attempting to score a chicken burrito...which leads us to some comical events and then the opening credits.

After the credits, the film jumps some undisclosed years ahead. Alex is a full lieutenant in the navy on a ship (normally takes 8-10 years to rise that high). The girl, Samantha (Brooklyn Decker) happens to be the daughter of the Fleet Admiral (Liam Neeson). They want to get married. The admiral loathes Alex because he is a gross underachiever. Everything is fun and games until...the subplots come together. At this point we can write the rest of the script. The alien ships were akin to transformers.

I must apologize, but I enjoyed the film. The inane plot continuity issues and science was Asylum grade from beginning to end. I could be here all day writing about how absurd things were. But unlike an Asylum film, they didn't cheat us on a soundtrack which ranged from Henry Mancini to AC/DC. We had quality actors playing likable characters with some decent lines. And no one can beat WWII vets during an AC/DC music montage.

Think of the movie as "Independence Day" light with cheese. Good fun, good action, break out the popcorn and park your brain at the door.

No sex, no nudity, near F-bombs.
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on April 11, 2014
I love movies, if they are at all well done, that are about the Navy. That is true whether the ships and fleets in question are Canadian, U.S., British, Australian, German, Japanese, or whatever, whether of the two World Wars or afterwards. Although I have spent more of my life in the Dominion of Canada, where I was naturalised a citizen, and I identify more readily as a Quebecker and Canadian than as an American, especially as the U. S. of A. has been sinking ever further into bankster/crony neo-mercantilism, other economic and political corruption, oppressive surveillance, and national insolvency. However, I had spent childhood, youth, and early adulthood in the U.S., including military service (during the Kennedy years) in the U.S. Navy, and it always is impressive in some detached, objective way (however perversely) to see a naval war machine act so efficiently and effectively as it does in this film, even that only amounts to mere fiction convincingly enacted on the screen.

Just as I was beginning to think of this motion picture as merely another pleasant Navy movie, and one that can be just a bit annoyingly hokey in spots, ON CAME THE U.S.S. MISSOURI, that actual ship herself, which had been trotted out to make this film on her, along with those old veteran sailors who come out to help the youngster Navy men to handle the superb old ship as marshalled together to do battle with aliens to save Planet Earth. Suddenly my emotional sense of involvement with this film surged mightily and I admit that I really got choked up about the setting and the doings. Some of the old sailors of W.W. II and more of them from the Korean War, still would have been on active duty when I was a Navy lad myself so many years ago. I had some of the same feeling that I experienced on seeing "Under Siege", of which I also have the DVD, and that also partly had been filmed on the U.S.S. Missouri. My naval service was on a destroyer built during World War II, so it was a wonderful feeling to see the older warship after seeing so many modern smaller ships of like displacement tonnage to the one on which I served. Destroyers now, in the early 21st century, look very different than they did back in the early 1960s, especially than the ships which continued in use after W.W. II was over, such as the Gearing Class destroyer escorts (some acting as destroyers, as "my" ship did thus intermittently), the type with which I was so familiar.

The U.S. Missouri continued in service for many years longer than most W.W. II vintage ships and therefore continued to undergo overhauls and refitting at the naval yards to keep it up to date with modern technology. For all of that, however, the Missouri still has the basic look of a ship of the earlier era, so the shock of recognition, although not complete, was pleasant to experience on seeing U.S.S. Missouri in this film. In the Navy, it always was awesome to go from a destroyer to a larger ship in the course of work, e.g., to a cruiser (beautiful ships equal in their own ways to the grandeur of a battleship, though not so large as one of them) or to a repair ship, supply ship, or oiler, since the sheer scale on which such large ships were designed and constructed dwarfs something like a destroyer.

Fans of naval ships get both worlds in this movie, the ultra-modern destroyers of today and the vintage wonder that is (and remains) the U.S.S. Missouri. What a delight! It's worth it, believe me, to see the film if only for that! "Battleship" is full of action and the special effects are exciting. Those who like sci-fi and/or action films will find much to savour in this movie. I wish that the script's dialogue had been better at points than it is, to avoid some corniness and gauche chauvinism (referring to the nationalist, not to the gender-related kind, since women have an important part in the movie). Just avoid being nit-picky about that kind of thing, pull out the snacks, and enjoy one really entertaining motion picture, as this one surely is, reasonably well acted, and more authentic than a lot of Navy and other seafaring films that I have seen over the years! Even viewers not so "invested" in Naval lore, as guys like myself unsurprisingly are, should find much to savour in this thrilling cinematic work.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 22, 2012
Battleship(released April/12)is another enterprise/film similar to Transformers(their property also)in look and feel.We have the great CGI effects and the grandiose musical score.The movie traveled along pretty well until about the 70 minute mark,then it seemed to lose its steam,failed to capture its initial excitement and coasted the rest of the way out.The film stars Taylor Kitsch as Lieutenant Alex Hopper,Liam Neeson as Admiral Terrance Shane,among others.
The plot involves Kitsch as a smart but out of control 26 years old,with no solid direction in life and who lives with his brother,a commander in the Navy.After getting arrested his brother has had enough of his antics and enlists him in the Navy also.Fast forward and Kitsch is a lieutenant on board a destroyer.The back story to all this is that a group of scientists have found a planet outside our solar system that is much like earth and are sending signals to it via a sophisticated satellite array.
Admiral Terrance puts his ship fleet on maneuvers along with several other countries,in the Pacific.While his ships are engaged in this,five alien objects enter earth's atmosphere with most flying into the ocean,while one crashes through the city of Hong Kong,creating much damage.
While authorities are examining the wreckage of the Hong Kong crash and determining that it's metal is of unknown origin,things are happening in the waters near the fleet exercises.Kitsch has been put in charge of a destroyer and his crew examine some unusual objects sticking out of the water.While on top of one of the protrusions,Kitsch is zapped by an electrical current and thrown back.Suddenly the piece he was standing on raises out of the water and we see that it was a small part of a larger space craft,and they are not happy campers.
Before you can say John Paul Jones the fight is on.The aliens have two very destructive weapons:first are hamburger shaped and wizzing dynamos which when they land destroy anything inanimate,and the second thing are smaller projectiles which impact a ships surface and almost immediately explode with usually fatal and horrific results(similar in shape to the pegs in the game Battleship).Both of these weapons are used to great success throughout the film,but at this point they almost completely disable and/or sink the fleet of ships in the area.They also throw up a round and enveloping bubble of energy,that is virtually impenetrable.This energy field essentially isolates a few of the fleet's ships while excluding the rest.It is a good way of protecting the alien's main contingent while also testing their battle skills against Earth's.
Back in Hawaii where the space arrays were set up to contact the alien world,the aliens themselves have come to roost there.They need the array itself to send a message back to their home world,as it is believed the one that crashed into Hong Kong was its main communication device.Kitsch's girlfriend manages to contact Kitsch and tell him that the satellite that the dishes line up with,will be in sync in a short time and that he must destroy the arrays before they do.Out in the Pacific,what is left of the fleet is just one ship.Through the use of Tsunami buoys in the ocean(the idea of a Japanese commander),they calculate the positions of the alien ships.They eventually manage to destroy all three of the alien battle space ships but their last remaining battleship is destroyed;and they need to destroy the mother ship creating the large force field.
They return to Pearl Harbour where Kitsch gets an idea to take out the old USS Missouri battleship,decommissioned since /92 and now a floating museum,and the only vessel within the energy bubble.With the help of some old vets,Kitsch gets his wish.They re-enter the fight and take down the remaining alien ship and the force field.Before the USS Missouri can be taken out by the aliens the fleet,previously on the outside looking in,now enters the fray and destroys the final ship along with the arrays.
The film ends as everyone who survived is being awarded medals.
The film is good until about the 70 minute mark.We had been intro'd to the main plot(attack of aliens and our reaction),and the side plot of the transmitting arrays;even the sub plot involving Kitsch and the admirals daughter.Up until that mark the film does a good job at integrating all plots and keeping the pace up.The film's pace slows considerably after the main battle is through and the filmmakers seem to want to concentrate too much on Kitschs's girlfriend and her involvement with the arrays,an amputee serviceman and one of the array techies.Of course it is germane to the story but after the wild battle ride we had just experienced,the rather slow pace and less exciting events on the ground seem a world away from what is happening out in the water;where the action really is.The film tries to get the dynamic up again,as events in the water start to build inexorably,but they never do reach the intensity of what had come initially.And besides this,whatever events do happen on the ground,they all originate from the battle out at sea.
As an aside,I was wondering what Hasbro is doing these days with their properties,such as Transformers and this one,besides trying to make more money from them? Those games and toys were first discovered by kids way back when,and it is kids generally who still play with them.But these movies are not geared for kids,as they're way too intense.More like they're geared for the kids that have grown up and first discovered them when they first came out.Although I can see parents these days either still getting their kids into seeing these films and/or letting them watch the movie either when they rent or buy it on DVD;NOT recommended by me at any time.
Finally this film is a tribute to armed forces veterans everywhere.They are present(real vets)in both official ceremonies in the beginning and at the end of the film.Also appearing is Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales.He is seen here as the double amputee and the man Kitsch's girlfriend is assigned to.Gadson is a well known and decorated war hero in real life and it was a really nice touch adding such a person to the acting roster.
Technically speaking the film is in its w/s a/r of 1:85:1 and is clear and crisp.Extras include three featurettes.
All in all a movie with a good potential,which they fulfill until about the 70 minute mark,then it all starts to unravel.This is an effects driven picture,in sound and look and should have been better than it was.Hasbro's Transformers got it the first time and fizzled out the second time.Maybe since they fizzled out the first time here,they will get it the second time around.3 1/2 stars.
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on January 26, 2013
The digital copy is like a ultraviolet digital copy(i will state this; I did not insert dvd into dvd drive prior to downloading as it was not specified so it may of taken less time if your on a low bandwidth) takes a while to download depending on speed of your started off at 81 minutes but then finished twenty odd minutes later.....Where with another digital copy(Captain America) with the DVD being the digital copy it takes 5 TO 8 MINUTES to load to your computer!

I-Tunes allow's the movie to be transferred to 5 different computers but you must log into I-Tunes account and select transfer to new computer!
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on October 17, 2012
This movie is not bad to me, even this movie makes me think of McHale's Navy. It is a fairly good war movie to me. I find this movie as enjoyable as McHale's Navy. That is why I gave this movie three stars.
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on May 20, 2014
Good action movie but those director popups are a pain. I just want to watch the movie don't really care about the behind the scenes stuff.. Doesn't seem to have an option to turn this "feature" off... Not saying that there isn't one but I have not found it...
Seems to be integral to the movie. So while your watching the popups you're missing a part of the movie.
Might just ditch the BluRay and keep the DVD...

Movie arrived on time as stated..
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on August 30, 2012
One star is too many for this drivel. It just shows that special effects do not a movie make.
Plot-stupid. Acting-awful. Dialogue-juvenile. Shame on you Taylor Kitsch for chasing the cash instead of the script. I've seen some bad films in my time but this ranks near the top.
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on October 17, 2012
It is a good movie, but a little farfetched in some scenes being an ex sailor.The sher magnitude of the film was great with lots of action.
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on July 14, 2014
Battleships is a great movies with lots of special effects and actors need to worked to destroys that aliens troup from another planet and anything like that can happen in our time and we need to be restist about those alien ok that a movies but could be real in hour times...some alien are pacific but other are real nasty and had in thier mind killing are there Priority to kill not to onderstood earth humans...tThank's
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