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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on September 30, 2012
Snow White is a classic fairy tale, and I was expecting the movie to be very good. It has a great cast, Charlize Theron as the evil queen, Ravenna, Chris Hemsworth as the huntsman, and Sam Claflin as the prince. I expected Kristin Stewart to be able to take on the role (even though she's spent her last couple of years doing the Twilight series where, basically, she is the characterless female), just because her early acting was quite good.

As expected, Charlize Theron made a very good evil queen. She was very convincing, especially since I've only ever seen her play the good side. Chris Hemsworth made a terrific huntsman, a very realistic, damaged widower. Sam Claflin was everything the prince should be, good-looking, a little sappy, but the perfect fairytale Prince Charming. Kristin Stewart was totally unconvincing. She can't act a role like this. She was too weak to be a rebellious Snow White. Her battle scene was appalling. Also, she never smiled, she was always frowning. You would think that at the happy ending, she got the guy, evil was defeated and good was restored, she would be able to attempt a smile, but no.

If you can ignore Kristin Stewart and focus on the remainder of the main cast, the movie is actually quite good.
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on September 19, 2013
Well, first, I'm not a fan of Kristen since she doesn't put much expressions on her face. Second, the huntsman isn't quite better in acting. Story? zero surprise and pretty much limited considered all the good ideas that merit further consideration.

Why buying it then? Well, as the title says, the visual and I would add the musical work is quite incredible. It's a really creative movie, just thinking about the queen's mirror or when she turns into crows. It's pretty much a delight for the eyes from the beginning to the end. It's beautiful, yet creepy sometimes.
I recommend it to people who like to appreciate the art and creation part in a movie, and for people who like cheesy, predictable romance movies.
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on January 8, 2014
If Kristen Stewart had some facial expression it would have been a better movie.
But interesting design and graphics

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 9, 2012
Snow White and the Huntsman(released May/12)stars the likes of Kristen Stewart as Snow White,Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna,Chris Hemsworth as Eric the Huntsman,Sam Claflin as William,and Nick Frost(w/o Simon Pegg,wow!),Bob Hoskins and Ian McShane as part of a contingent of dwarves;hey,seeing is believing! This is NOT a retelling of the old fairy tale we all know from childhood.It is much darker and more violent,thus should not be viewed by persons under 14.Having that said,the film is a visual treat,but I found the going just a little slow until Snow White escapes her imprisonment and starts her long road back to restore the kingdom of her father with the help of the Huntsman.
The story finds a young Snow White without a mother,soon into the film.Later that day the King`s troops fight against a dark force of men,not of this world,as they disintegrate upon being struck.In the middle of this dark force is a barred wagon in which the King and his men find a beautiful woman,chained(Theron).The very next day she becomes wed to the King.In their bed that night she kills the King and instantly becomes Queen.The King's loyal subjects fight but it is no use and some,including a young boy friend of Snow White,William,flee the castle.Snow White herself is imprisoned in one of the castle towers for years as the Queen and her brother rule the Kingdom.
When Snow White becomes of age she finally manages to escape her captors and flees into the countryside.Guided by two birds she is led to a white horse which carries her far into a swamp,but is bogged down and can go no farther.The princess flees farther into the swamp/bog/forest where she finally collapses.Back at the castle a Hunstman is hired by the Queen to find the escaped princess.He tracks her down in short order,but something prevents him from releasing her to the Queen's brother.Instead he becomes her protector and they flee ever farther through the bogs and swamps and into the forest.It is there the Hunstman finally realizes who it is he is protecting,and they meet up with a band of dwarves,who pledge their allegiance to the princess.
In the meantime the princess's girlhood friend William,finds out she is still alive,and incognito,joins the Queen's brother and his men in the search for the princess.Back with the dwarves the princess and the Huntsman travel through an enchanted fairy forest where the princess comes face to face with a white reindeer with huge antlers.None of the dwarves have ever viewed this sight,and as the animal blesses the princess,an arrow flies straight into the reindeer,killing it.Some of the Queen's men have found them.In the ensuing battle revenge is made but one of the dwarves dies.The next morning the princess and William take a walk in the woods,talking.When the princess takes a bite out of an apple William gave her,she slips into a coma.The Queen has poisoned her and changes back into her normal body.The others come to her rescue but it is too late.William kisses her goodbye and she is taken to his fathers castle.There William instigates the men to up-rise and fight against the evil that rules the land.Before they ride the Huntsman visits the princess and also kisses her.After he leaves the princess slowly comes back to life and joins the troops outside.She inspires the men to fight alongside her and take back what is rightfully theirs.
A long and protracted battle takes place as the troops face many obstacles just to get into the castle.Once in,the princess inches her way along and travels the long and windy stairs to the Queens room.The two battle for supremacy.The princess is outclassed most of the way until,just as the Queen has her down and is about to take her heart,she quickly stabs the Queen in Her heart and kills her.The film ends as the princess,now Queen,finally reigns over the restored Kingdom.
Within the first part of the film that I earlier referenced that was slow in the building,there occurred some noticeable faux pauxs.When the princess finally escapes her room and locks the Queens brother in,we see her fleeing in one moment and then brother is suddenly in pursuit of her(how did he get out so quickly).Another such scene involves her escape to the outside of the castle walls through sewers and by jumping into the ocean.She finally comes upon a white horse and finally after all that time,the Queens troops are suddenly hot on her trail.And I watched the scar that the princess gave the Queens brother with a nail,come and go and change more than a few times.The editors weren't watching what they were doing.The film finally picks up after this as the princess escapes through the swamp/bog and meets up with the Hunstman.I actually became more emotionally involved at this point,which hadn't been the case up to this point.From here on the film builds upon itself and the inclusion of the dwarves was nice,as was the CGI involved to make normal men that size.The make up and wardrobe people are to be commended here for a job well done;with the changes in costumes and make up(Theron especially)from scene to scene,in some cases,it must have been a daunting task all around.The acting is generally solid,except for the very person the film revolves around Kristen Stewart.I thought she lacked the believability to convince me she had that all-so important inner strength that would propel her to become a Queen on her own.This I think is another reason the film was so slow to get off of the mark.Her credibility improved with the Hunstman on the scene,but he really just masked her deficiencies.
Technically speaking this DVD contains both the theatrical and extended versions of the film in their original w/s a/r of 2:35:1.The only extras are commentary and a featurette.
All in all,once you get past the slow start,this film starts to pick up quite well.The cast is a solid one,excepting the princess Stewart,who needs some improved acting chops and who was carried a good portion of the way by her co-stars.This is not a fairy tale for the small fry as it is violent and scary.3 1/2-4stars.
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on December 23, 2012
Chris Hemsworth is one of the best actors to come out of Hollywood in a while and this movie whowed more of his abitities. Charlize Theron was a bit over-the-top, but that was the role. Kristin Stewart was a bit weak, but I think that is a matter of maturity. She's also not particularly prettywhich, while sexist, is a movie necessity. I would recommend this movie, but not as a 'must see'
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on November 22, 2013
For one thing Kristen Stewart has one expression , could have cut her out of the movie the other actors carried it
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Snow White has proven to be an enduring and popular fairy tale. It follows the mythological pattern of the dangerous royal child presumed by a wicked royal personage to be a threat to their scheme. The wicked queen instructs a servant to kill the child, or the child is abducted and raised by peasants. Filled with remorse the servant kills a deer or other animal instead and shows the heart and liver to the queen as evidence.

It also has some bearing in reality. Richard III for example arranged the murder of royal children who had a claim to the throne. Unfortunately, they had no remorseful huntsman who instead released them.

2012 has seen the release of two Snow White movies. Mirror Mirror starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts takes a comedic look at the tale, and has some original ideas and twists, with dwarves who are capable who are outlaws who wear springy prosthetics that make them look like giants. It features the handsome prince played by Armie Hammer. It grossed $66 million at the US Box Office.

Now we have Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart of the Twilight series, a mesmerising Charlize Theron as the wicked queen, and Chris Hemsworth of Thor and Avengers fame as The Huntsman. In four weeks in release it has grossed $137 million at the US Box Office, and $300 million worldwide.

While MM is worthwhile for me SNH is the superior movie taking the original story, and exploring variations on the theme and taking it darker. Mythology has not been kind to women, and usually requires a male presence to the heroic suitor or rescuer, and casts our heroine as a damsel in distress. SNH inverts this. Snow White needs help and friends but she is also more empowered and self reliant escaping from a life of imprisonment in the castle, and managing to fend for herself in the swamp.

Here with Charlize Theron we have a wicked queen who relishes her role, adding a trojan horse element and has always gotten her way particularly with Snow White's father. She is the narcissist whose will to win is at the expense of others usually with their lives. Like Narcissus she is consumed by her own reflection, and to retain her beauty uses magic to steal beauty from other people to retain her youth. Knowing such people exist can be useful.

As the movie unfolds at times it is visually beautiful. I loved the interaction with the magical deer in the forest, until that scene is interrupted.

I was also intrigued with the prince, who at some point was under a spell, playing the trickster archetype, and seemingly out to destroy the princess. Initially he is helpless in rescuing the princess as a child believing her to be dead. Can this possibly turn into a love story? The Huntsman, you would think might be a romantic character for Snow White, but again this movie will both grip you, and surprise you with its twists and turns.

One of the scriptwriters is John Lee Hancock the writer and director of the mega hit The Blind Side, and SNH was directed by first time director Stuart Sander. There are talks of a sequel.

More than 30 million people have already seen it. I think you will love it and I hope this was helpful.
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on April 15, 2013
I love the movie, Plot is amazingly directed and the costumes are stunning. All casts are great actors too. Love the story of this snow white. No fantasy here only the magic parts.
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on February 5, 2013
i've watched this movie more than twice, and i am very pleased with this movie; this movie was excellently done well, and i truly enjoyed it; this movie is a considered buyer
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on June 12, 2013
Bon film, étrange de prendre notre si charmante blanche-neige de conte de fée et ses sept nains, dans un film d'action et de fantastique...Mais bon résultat!
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