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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on March 8, 2013
Our 9-year-old Krups coffeemaker died abruptly and we were on the hunt for a quality replacement. Finding one turned out to be more of a challenge than we thought, but we are extremely happy with this Cuisinart. The coffee tastes great and it's nice and hot. And I love the 1-4 cup option - I work from home and after walking the kids to school, I always put on a second pot of coffee before heading up to my office. I used to have to brew an 8-cup pot to get a decent coffee/water ratio for a good pot of coffee (even though I only wanted one large mug), but this option means I'm only using half that amount without compromising taste. The other great upside to this coffeemaker is that it's the first one we've had that doesn't bellow steam up the cupboards when it's brewing. We used to move the coffeemaker to the centre of the counter every time we made a pot. Now we can leave it tucked in underneath without worrying about the steam wrecking the varnish on the cupboards above.

The only minor 'cons' are:

My husband finds the pot a bit finicky to pour. I insisted on the stainless steel carafe (I don't like 'cooked' coffee on a hot plate), and unlike our Krups, I like that you don't have to turn the lid to pour - you just pour. However, if you get to the very bottom of the pot, it works best if you take the lid off altogether to drain it. Not having to turn the handle is a good feature for those with arthritis - it's also much easier to remove the lid than our old one in terms of hand strength (an easy quarter turn and it removes). The stainless steel pot keeps the coffee super hot for a long time as well.

The only other 'con' is that it's tricky to pour the water in the back of the machine because of the hinged lid at the back. But it's do-able and by no means a reason not to buy it.

Amazon has the best price by far - we bought it on sale for $129 plus tax with free shipping. The local Canadian Tire store was selling it for $169.99 plus tax.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 28, 2013
After doing exhaustive research on Amazon, I wanted to get this coffee machine and I am glad I did! Despite some of the rather ridiculously picky and some downright stupid comments which I read on by people who simply don't appreciate how good the price of this machine is, I knew that I could take a chance because pretty much everyone agreed on how GOOD TASTING the coffee from this machine really was. I did not buy it from Amazon because the local department store had it in stock and I prefer buying from a store to have something immediately, if the store offers comparable pricing and warranty.

I use 2 scoops of coffee for every cup of water as measured by the cup measure markings on the water reservoir. The scoop is the one which comes with the machine. The coffee I tried was many different varieties, from medium roast with aroma, to very dark roast, to medium dark... about 6 different kinds of coffee! Each time, the taste was strong (the most important thing for me) rich, tasty and consistent!

Regarding the thermal stainless steel carafe: Yes, pouring the last cup or so of coffee is difficult, but to be honest, one can remove the lid at that point, because it means you will finish all the coffee in the carafe and don't need the lid to keep it warm anymore. As someone mentioned already, this design may be deliberate by Cuisinart, to leave a little bit of coffee in the carafe, which may contain sediment. However, I use the built-in gold metal filter and never had a trace of sediment at all.

The buttons are large and easy to press. The water container is in the back of the coffee filter/container and needs to be filled preferably with a measuring cup so you don't spill water into the coffee or out of the machine to its sides. Just need to be careful and pour slowly and you will be fine and not spill a drop. Using the carafe will most likely spill water due to the spout issue already mentioned, but this is a tiny issue for me, not a heart-stopper like for some commenters here!

Time will tell about the reliability of this machine since I only got it 3 days ago but have already made coffee 2-3 times a day.

**NOTE: I returned an overpriced, and abolute rip-off Breville "YouBrew" 600XL coffee machine, costing $200 MORE than this one. The Breville coffee is horribly weak and bad tasting, even if I use my own grind and quantity. But why pay so much only to use the Breville at its manual "pre-ground" setting when even at that setting, it makes lousy coffee?

Highly recommended!

**UPDATE MAY 8, 2014: After about 9 months, the machine is still making the same quality coffee as when I first purchased it and has had no breakdowns at all. Working perfectly so far FYI... :))
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on July 21, 2013
I bought this model secifically for the termal carafe so I could have coffee available for clients without having the coffe maker in my office. For that is works great & the charcoal filter was an unexpected bonus. the controls on the coffee maker are easy to use, but the filling the a bit awkward. The opening wjere you pour water in is small & the lid gets in the way, especially since you have to tip the pot right over to get the last cup or 2 of water into the maker. the product engineers need to look at that.
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on July 5, 2013
Beware, other websites have more reviews: wish I'd read them before buying this machine. Although it makes a great cup of coffee, the floater in the plastic lid frequently got stuck so could only pour coffee if take off lid (= steam burn). Also, one of the hinges for water reservoir not working after 2 weeks of daily use. Last problem, we had to use funnel to get water into narrow water reservoir. London Drugs has great return policy, so we're not stuck with this loser.
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on December 27, 2013
We replaced our older Cuisinart model (a model with the heating element) with the DCC-2900C and regret it. Pouring water in the narrow opening so close to the lid hinge requires a much slower and steadier hand than necessary. You will spill water. I had no problem viewing the numbers on the water scale, but it would be nice if the instructions told you what the scale is equal to. I discovered that 1 liter of water equals 6 cups on the scale and then I learned to measure my coffee accordingly. The only way I can pour coffee is by completely removing the lid, and that isn't easy. It only dribbles if you don't remove the cover. You certainly have to remove it and completely invert the pot to get the last bit of remaining coffee. The carafe does not keep the coffee hot enough, or the machine isn't making the coffee hot enough. It's one or the other, or both. I'm going to have to preheat the carafe with very hot water to see if that helps. If we hadn't torn up the box in a post Christmas clean up I would return it.
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on October 24, 2012
I've had this coffee maker for a week now and I thought I would put my review of what I think of it.
First up the pluses, which has already been spoken about and that is the large and bright LED display of the unit.
Its quite easy to use and its so large, one can use it in your kitchen as a clock by itself.
The buttons on the panel are also large which makes it easier to use.
The area for poring into the water reservoir is a bit small and at times you might just spill a little in the process. Too bad it doesn't have a reservoir that you can remove and just fill outside of the unit like my last coffee maker previous to this one had.

Another thing to mention is the rather small and barely readable water level numbers used on this unit. They should have made them white and bolder so when your poring in water it would be easier to see. As for the carafe I found the lid hard to put on and take off for its made out of smooth hard plastic and the outside ridges are small making it difficult to grab. The temperature of the coffee is just right upon being brewed but the warming plate shuts itself off too soon so that after 20 minutes or so the coffee becomes cool.
I guess Cuisinart thought that since the carafe is the thermo stainless steel type that the coffee will stay hot by itself, it doesn't, well not for very long at least.

The coffee this machines produces is pretty good, I'm using the basket that came with the unit, with some relatively strong coffee from Starbucks. I think the biggest flaw with this machines is having the warming plate shut off too quickly and not being able to control the temperature of the plate itself, as you were able to on some older Cuisinart machines.

My suggestion would be to try the DCC 2800 model, for its has control over how long you want the warming plate to stay on. The carafe is the glass type which might also help in measuring the amount of water into the carafe for filling the water reservoir and its $20 cheaper. I think I might return this unit for the DCC-2800, just to see if I can get the coffee to stay hotter longer.
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on March 22, 2014
It may brew well, it may take up very little counter space and is perfect for a small area. The plastic is thin - so don't expect it to seem "Solid" - and very lightweight. However, my huge complaint which leads me to a 1 star is not in it's function, such as brewing, but in the opening of the darn carafe lid. It can be at times basically impossible. It opens from the back,but I empty the remaining coffee completely - and hope for the best when it's time to rinse. I can get frustrated and give up and then just rinse it with the lid still in place and try to aim enough water in the rinse to delete any remaining old coffee flavor. How do I like it? Not so much due to the lid issue. I tried two, so I know it's a design issue. really? Cuisinart, you could have made this issue easier . . . . .
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on October 6, 2014
This coffee maker is perfect for my needs, easy to clean, makes delicious hot coffee, and the thermal pot keeps it hot. We had a 10-cup grind and brew for many years and it served us well too, but it required cleaning of the grinder after each pot, so we opted for no grinder this time. The 10-cup thermal pot fits this machine as well, so we can brew two different types of coffee (eg. caff and decaff) when we entertain. The water volume level is shown on the side and I can effortlessly pour water directly from the brita jug into the water reservoir. I could see how pouring from the thermal pot into the water reservoir would be an issue. Like all other appliances on my countertop, I sit it on a bamboo cutting board so it can slide easily to and fro.
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on December 14, 2012
Overall I like this coffee pot. I think the pour spout could be improved. The lid is a little hard to open for older hands.
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on May 16, 2014
The warranty of Cuisinart is very very bad. The company has only one center repair and it's in Ontario. If you have a problem with your product, you need to pay the shipping fee from you to Cuisinart and the shipping fees for the return to you. In my situation the total amount of the shipping fees is near of the price of the product. Completely stupid. Only for 2 little spring in the top lid where you put the water and coffee. This company has no respect for the customers.
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