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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 29, 2016
One can recognize a quality to Ridley Scott: that of composing the images well. For this, this film fulfills all its promises, quality and scenery being at the rendezvous. Likewise, the direction of actor is impeccable and each one holds well the road, and in the first place Charlize Théron whose forms molded in its combination make it appear almost like a robot dehumanized but also appetizing !!

For the rest, it is never obvious to set up a complex scenario to find an origin to the world of aliens. One feels, through the unfolding of history, stories of this film, that the bad feeling of the "creators" towards the humanity is undoubtedly linked to a genetic question. The prologue is quite mysterious on this point and leaves the door open to multiple interpretations that will undoubtedly be lifted during the continuation of this film. As we do not know the continuation, one can only stay a little on its end on this first episode of the "prometheus". Too many questions remain unresolved but might be answered in the much anticipated "Alien Covenant" , That one should redeem Prometheus.
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In Greek Mythology Prometheus presumed to steal fire from the gods for the progress of mankind. He was banished, punished and bound for daring to interfere with domain of the gods.

Similarly the author of Frankentein called her book the modern Prometheus, where a scientist presumed to usurp the very process of creation itself, and created a monster using lightning.

In Prometheus the movie scientist Elizabeth Shaw played by Noomi Rapace, and her partner makes a series of scientific discoveries which shows that we were put here by extraterrestrials, and embark on a funded mission to a distant planet to meet these aliens.

While the scientists aims are pure other people on board have mixed agendas. We have a soulless humanoid played by Michael Fassbender, and a ruthless female leader played by Charlize Theron and the mysterious owner of the company.

Director Ridley Scott directed Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, and I think Prometheus will please fans of Alien and win new fans. Like Alien we have a heroic female protagonist played by Noomi Rapace from the Girl with the Dragon tattoo series. Their arrival on the planet sets in motion a series of events with implications beyond the mission.

While it appears to be a dead planet there is mischief on board the craft and danger on the planet itself.

The alien planet is menacing as you expect, (so rarely do we meet friendly aliens), and if there are alien life forms they may not be friendly.

There are several surprises and some well crafted scenes, which were quite originally done, including the duffel bag, and an improvised medical procedure which I found highly intriguing.

One of my favorite lines from the movie: 'We may have gotten off on the wrong foot.'

I love movies with a strong female protagonist, and Noomi Rapace really excels at this type of role. If you have seen the Alien movies, I think you will appreciate that he has given a style of science fiction that he pioneered a fresh and interesting twist. Who can forget that famous scene with John Hurt in the original Alien?

Will Prometheus spawn a sequel? You could argue that it already has. I cannot speak as yet to how it will be on Blu Ray except to say that it was a visually stunning experience in the theater.

I think most people will love and I trust this was helpful.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 23, 2012
I've had the pleasure of seeing Prometheus twice. The first occasion was my first exposure to IMAX/3D and it was easily the best presentation I have ever seen in a theater. That prompted me to share the experience with two UK friends who were in town for my 50th birthday. Yes, I'm old.

The most difficult thing to overcome when reviewing Prometheus is separating the incredible presentation from the story. Should I review the experience, or just the movie itself? I have chosen to comment on both elements.

The opening shots immediately draw you in and establish that you are about to witness something special in terms of presentation. As the camera pans over the surface of a moon, you are part of the experience. As with Avatar, you are transported to a different world. The first shot of the ship is also effective, with the roar of the engines. Kubrick would probably turn over in his grave at the technical error of portraying sound in space, but it does add something for the viewer.

Prometheus is quite ambitious. It does a good job of explaining some of the events that led up to the mission in Alien. We are shown some of the discoveries which prompted the Weyland Corporation to explore deep space. A crew is sent to search for an incredible secret, which I won't reveal here. Unlike other films in the Alien franchise, the presence of an android is explained from the beginning. David (Fassbender) is accepted for what he is without anything being hidden. The one thing that does remain consistent is that the android knows more than he admits. Where did he get that information?

There is more than one alien species present in Prometheus, plus the humans. The story explains the origin of the type of ship discovered in Alien and we experience a small thrill of recognition. Ridley Scott balances new information with previous events in an effective way. I came away feeling like I knew a lot more about this universe, but I didn't feel that the original film had been betrayed in any way.

It took me several viewings over a number of years to raise my rating for Alien to 4.5/5. Perhaps because I know that film so well, Prometheus had more of an immediate impact. However, there is one thing preventing me from rating the film as highly. The character of Fifield (Sean Harris) is a blatant flaw in the film. He's a British geologist with the personality of an idiotic criminal. He's clearly intended to provide comic relief, and I admit that the audience did laugh at his comments during both viewings, but his inclusion felt so out of place. Up until that point, the film had me fully engaged. The story seemed plausible and interesting. Fifield would never have passed any serious attempt at psychological screening by the Weyland Corporation and would never have become part of the crew in any realistic scenario. His inclusion pulled me right out of the movie as soon as he spoke his opening dialogue. His scenes with Millburn (Rafe Spall) were all ludicrous and I'm forced to deduct half a point just because of their presence.

Everything else worked.

I'm not against the idea of humor in a serious movie. Vickers (Theron) and Janek (Idris Elba) did have an amusing exchange which was handled in a far more intelligent manner. Theron played her part well and her icy personality was believable.

The highlight of the film for me was the unexpectedly wonderful performance from Noomi Rapace. I liked her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in the original Dragon Tattoo trilogy and was pleasantly surprised to see her tackling a role in English. Like Alien, the movie ends with a fight for survival, and Shaw (Rapace) is the equivalent of Ripley. There's one sequence which made me laugh because it was so outlandish, but Rapace played it totally straight and still had me on the edge of my seat and rooting for her. This will upset some people, but I think she was a more effective character than Sigourney Weaver's Ripley. I like both tremendously, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Prometheus delivers in terms of story, action, and special effects, and most of the acting is good. The conclusion left the possibility of a sequel and I wouldn't be sorry to see that happen. It's always tricky when a franchise is continued after a long absence, but Scott really pulled it off. See it in IMAX/3D while you can and buy the Blu-ray when it is eventually released.
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"Prometheus" is an ambitious movie -- it wants to answer (in a sci-fi way) the questions that have haunted humanity for eons.

And... it doesn't. This sorta-kinda-maybe prequel to the "Alien" franchise raises a lot of scientific/philosophical questions and never really answers them. But if you can bypass that, it's still a very solid, harrowing sci-fi adventure, with some powerful lead performances and truly brilliant direction by Ridley Scott.

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and her partner Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) have discovered ancient star maps that may lead to the Engineers, aliens responsible for making the human race. So with the funding of elderly bazillionaire Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), they set out to a remote moon on board the Prometheus.

Upon landing, the crew finds a vast torc-shaped spaceship, filled with the dead bodies of Engineers. But there is also a bizarre black liquid that ravages anyone who is exposed to it -- and leaves Shaw threatened by a bizarre alien life form. As she discovers the ugly true reason behind the expedition, she also finds that the Engineers are not what she expected...

"Prometheus" can be kind of frustrating -- it has a lot of unanswered questions and dangling plot threads, and eventually it makes you feel like it's the first half of a two-part story. And there's a lot of scientific/philosophical/religious stuff that is lightly touched on, but isn't really handled in an insightful way (although it was nice to see a scientist who is also religious).

But despite those flaws.... "Prometheus" is actually a really enjoyable movie. There's a lot of passion and earnest intensity to this movie, and it was clearly made with a lot of love.

And Ridley Scott's direction is absolutely brilliant -- he interweaves slimy tentacled horror with sleek, shadowy sci-fi, until they are indistinguishable from each other. Everything grows more intense as the black liquid starts mutating the crew members, until the climax explodes into a chaos. Things just spiral more and more out of control, and you never quite know what's going to happen.

You also wouldn't recognize Rapace as the girl with the dragon tattoo here -- she's elfin and luminous, with enormous expressive eyes and a mop of rumpled hair. She handles the role of Shaw beautifully -- a person who is deeply religious but also devoted to science, extremely intellectual but also very strong (particular in the... um, medical procedure scene).

She's also flanked by awesome performances by the icy, rigid Charlize Theron and the pleasant, charming Idris Elba. But the scene-stealer is Fassbender, who plays a charming, elegant android who occasionally shows some flickers of human emotion. At times he seems soulless and cold, but then we see him watching his favorite movie or asking questions about faith.

"Prometheus" is a riveting sci-fi story, albeit a flawed one that never answers most of our questions. Here's hoping "Prometheus 2" is a bit more satisfying.
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on November 2, 2012
I won't bother reviewing the actual movie itself here. Others have done a fine job and there's nothing else I could add to it. This is just a simple praise for the product and packaging.

What you get here is a 4 disc set:

1 3D Blu-ray
1 2D Blu-ray
1 Special Features Blu-ray: It took me 3 nights to get through the exhaustive but captivating documentary and tons of bonus features. It couldn't be any more complete. You even get over 30 different trailers @_@. Excessive but it's all here. My favourite bonus features are Noomi Rapace's screen tests. Not done like other screen tests you've seen.
1 SD DVD with Digital Copy.

And you get all of this for $24.99!!! A friend of mine bought just the DVD the day it came out and paid $19.99. 5 bucks more for this and look at all you get!
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on February 4, 2015
Excellent movie - hope they make a Part 2 (but stop there). The concept or man's existence/evolution on earth was interesting. Actors suited their roles and the scenes were shot well. Had hoped more than one person would have survived but not totally disappointed. It arrived on time - price was decent. Glad I purchased!! It also explained how "Alien" originated - yet more could have been revealed but appreciated that we should use our imaginations. Looks better in HD than in the theatres I am sure - we enjoyed this and watch it ever so often.
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The writers intended this to be an "Alien" prequel by incorporating "Chariots of Gods" into the film, although some might question the timeline. They concentrated on creating a special effects film, putting science facts on the back burner. It's basically 60's science fiction with great special effects.

Earth has been visited by aliens who created us, and leave a calling card. Instead of traveling to a moon of Jupiter like in 2001, we travel to a distant "galactic system" to a moon of a planet that looks like Saturn. The year is 2091, the crew is placed in suspended animation for a trip that takes 3 years, nearest star is 4.5 light years away. Sirius is the star frequently indicated as that "ancient" alien connection. It is 11 light years away. The writers needed to do the math.

In this "2091: A Space Odyssey" tale, HAL is replaced by an android named David (Michael Fassbender) who like HAL has his own orders. When they get to the planet it turns into a special effects sci-fi horror as man tries to find his "creator." Noomi Rapace provides us the only decent human performance in this film. In fact she was so good at one point they called her character, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, "Noomi" in the film. They are either paying tribute to the famous Carrie Fischer "Star Wars" blooper, or their film editor is Ed Wood.

The dialogue was written in such a way that it lacked entertainment value. It needed to be lighter. The theme of creating life, so that it is not special, bogged down the film. In case you are unaware, the earliest common human language was believed to be a form of "click" language. I waited for Fassbender to start clicking when he spoke the alien language to show me the extensive research the writers did. It didn't happen.

Why is there always some idiot who takes off his helmet to test the air in these films? It's not the oxygen, its the foreign microbes, stupid!

Great movie to let the teens go see. Yes, I liked the film, but the writers were a let down. The good news is we can gut part of the voice track and do over the text and make it science fiction presentable without any re-shooting. Heck we might even add a joke or two... "These two earthlings, one an android, land on this alien planet and say, "Why did you create us?"....

SPOILER: And if you haven't figured it out from watching 3 movies...the reason why we were created is to generate a species genetically similar to the "creators" so they could test their biological weapons out on us, i.e. those alien critters.

Parental Guide: 1 f-bomb, 2 people in bed, near sex, no nudity, brief hot chicks. This would easy have been a 5 star movie had the writers did their homework. BTW, I just removed my own appendix, I am going out now to do some dirt biking.
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on November 3, 2015
Given its very mixed reception (with only 35% of 683 reviews to date scoring it 4* or better) and being a great fan of the first three Alien movies (the fourth effort doesn't really count) I was ready to be a bit disappointed by this film. Thankfully, I was not. Visually it is stunning, combining state-of-the-art CGI with claustrophobic interiors and Scott's trademark sweeping cinematic art & legendary attention to detail. The lead cast are all great actors but there doesn't seem to be much leadership or team cohesion and it's obvious from the very start who are the two `red jumpers'. You'd have thought that for a mission of this magnitude every team member would have been psychologically profiled to the n'th degree but no, as soon as the away team leaves the ship there's bickering, nobody's in charge and everybody seems to have had their common sense surgically removed. This does rather spoil the plausibility of the away team scenes.

What this film is not short on, however, is ambition. It sets out to explain the start of the Alien story while exploring the origins of human kind and touching on the big unanswerable question all in a nice shiny sci-fi wrapper. To some extent, it succeeds, but it does raise a lot more questions than it answers. Perhaps it is all set up for a sequel to tie up the loose ends or perhaps Fox doesn't care about loose ends as only die-hard fans of the Alien films will notice them and they're not the intended audience. At the end of the day, I don't suppose it matters; this is a big budget sci-fi romp and as such it is a very enjoyable experience and maybe we're expecting too much depth. The special features `extended beginning' helps make sense of the confusing start to the film but the rest of the deleted scenes don't really add anything.

I do like the classical reference in the title, Prometheus being the titan who was expelled from Olympus for having created mankind and then given them the secret of fire therefore laying the foundation for civilisation. Interesting, he also represents the human quest for knowledge at the potential cost of unforeseen consequences. This ties nicely to the Engineer creation myth and the ultimate fate of their base on LV-322. Mind you, he was also chained to a rock and destined to have his liver pecked out by an eagle every day as a punishment for his transgression and that doesn't have a parallel in this film.

There follows a brief précis of the questions/plot holes/loose ends which are currently rattling around in my head (which just go to show that (a) I've had too much free time over the extended Christmas break and (b) that I'm a complete nerd). Beware : SPOILER ALERT:

(1) If this is a prequel to the first Alien movie, then why is the action on LV-322 and not LV-426 (the location of the first Alien)? This would suggest that there is another Engineer outpost where the bio-engineered alien broke free (ready for a sequel?). If it is supposed to be a different planet & Engineer ship, this explains why there is no `exploded' Engineer sitting in the big gun-like thing as in the first Alien movie.
(2) Why would the Engineers give the star configuration to various early human civilisations showing the location of their research outpost rather then their home planet? But then again, why not? Perhaps LV-322 is merely the nearest staging post to Earth.
(3) Why would the Engineers choose to destroy humanity with the Alien thingies rather than engineering a nice simple virus? Does this suggest that human kind was designed from the outset to be transformed into Alien thingies to create a vast number of super soldier type things?
(4) There seem to be two types of Alien. First the traditional tentacle down the throat, exploding guts, shiny pointy head type and secondly the one that transformed Charlie and Fifield into a more humanoid form.
(5) How come David could speak & read the Engineer language? Granted he's super intelligent and might have extrapolated it from archaic Earth languages but that would be like learning French by listening to English.
(6) How did David know what was in the canister and what to do with it? How did he know how to open the Engineer helmet? Does all this suggest that Wayland & therefore David knew a lot more about the Engineers before the mission set off?
(7) How could Vickers be Wayland's daughter? He's way too old unless it was an in-vitro thing. Unless, of course, she's a robot too; Wayland refers to David as his son so maybe...
(8) I'm sure there are more but I can't think of them at the moment...
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on August 5, 2016
I was expecting so much from this movie that I was a bit desapointed. I got the beginning and the intention, I got also the idea of the ending that open a door to the next one, that we might have one day. But, and I think that's the point, I felt like I was looking at an episode of a serie that will not continu, and I'm still waiting for the final link that will finaly attached it to the Alien trilogy as well. Nevertheless, I do not regret this purchase and l will buy the next movie for sure, if ever they are producing it.
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on April 9, 2016
Prometheus begins with a gruesome portrayal of how life came to Earth, then makes a somewhat implausible leap by identifying a distant star system by means of ancient pictograms. A couple of key events in Alien are reprised -- a robot gets its head ripped off, and an alien gestates inside a human, then undergoes implausibly exponential growth. Idris Elba is burdened with an awkward American accent, but Michael Fassbender's homage to Hal in 2001 is superb. One of the cleverest shots occurs early on when we see him sinking a hook shot while riding a bicycle. At the end there are two survivors, but one of them is not to be trusted. A sequel looms.
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