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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on May 10, 2016
Again, as I mentioned in the review for Volume 1, love the restoration on the cartoons and seeing them in high resolution is a delight. But..., yes, Friz Freleng went over to MGM: do we need all of the Captain and the Kids? And Tex Avery, brilliant, brilliant man but one documentary would have been enough (and I strongly prefer the second one offered) and (I am really torn, here) one or two MGM cartoons would have been appropriate on a Looney Tunes set (did Warner's suddenly have a brain drain over the title of their product?). Now, I love, love, love the Avery stuff (and glad I've now have them, hence the being torn) but, seriously, this is a Looney Tunes collection. Or is Warner going to be the shrewd marketer and now release a Tex Avery blu ray set with all of these and just a few more so that customers are forced to pay twice. And then they wonder why people don't buy... Sorry, but until Warner has truly released as much as possible of the Looney Tunes and the related Merrie Melodies, I will keep wagging my finger at Warner's and crying: "SHAME!"
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on October 13, 2014
How could you go wrong with these, especially in HD!
Do not get Volume 4 AT ALL. Volumes 1 to 3 mix up the shorts nicely and evenly - Volume 4 doesn't. Each disc is ALL either Bugs\Elmer, Bugs\Daffy, then Wile E. Coyote\Road Runner, etc. VERY BORING. I own on 1 to 4 on DVD.
But, Volumes 1 to 3... EXTREMELY LEGENDARY. Imagine Simpsons or Family Guy still running re-runs in 2060 to 2070. Crazy.
Now release just 'The Flintstones' on Blu-ray, please.
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I picked this up on Amazon for just under $20. If I didn't already own the previous Looney Tunes Golden Collections, I'd say it's a great bargain for that price and a worthwhile purchase. However, I see no noticeable improvement in picture quality in going from DVD to BluRay, at least not for the vast majority of cartoons.

The real reason for buying the BluRay over the DVD is the added 3rd disc with lots of bonus (again, mostly previously released stuff) and the extra Tex Avery cartoons. Looney Tunes fans have long wanted a proper release of Tex Avery cartoons, but here it's a mixed blessing because these were not remastered and do not look as good as the other cartoons. Also, if you've already got the previous collections, there are only about 10 "new to DVD" cartoons here.

The Golden Collections had 60 cartoons per set and lots of bonus features. These Platinum sets have only 50 cartoons each but are priced lower. However, most of the cartoons were already released and few are new to collectors which makes it hard to justify the cost. A new, third Platinum Collection is due out soon... from what I've read on-line so far, it doesn't seem worth buying as it has hardly any new to DVD cartoons. Again, if you don't already own the Golden Collections, these platinum BluRay collections are good when you find them on sale, otherwise wait for the sale.

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I am a huge Looney Tunes fan and have been collecting all that I can from the days of VHS through DVDs and now the Blu-ray Platinum Series. I swore I wouldn't buy Blu-ray after all that I have on DVD but I was given the first of the platinum series for my birthday and when I saw the image quality and how deep they went into the Looney Tunes vault, I had to get more and I have no regrets, in fact I am really stoked with them. You will be too...

NOTE: This volume had a defect on one of the shorts that caused all of my blu-rays freeze so badly that they would not even power down unless I unplugged them. I reported the issue to Amazon, requesting a replacement and the replacement was shipped out LITERALLY 4 hours later on a SUNDAY and I had it in my hand 48 hrs later - for real. For this reason and many others, Amazon continues to be my go to shopping source. With over 180 family wide purchases, we have never had a problem of any kind and my first replacement request exceeded expectations.

UPDATE: Have thoroughly checked replacement disk set (which was a pleasure, not a chore) and this set is perfect.

Time to order volume 3!
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on March 30, 2016
Visually mastered cartoons. Kids love them, and I love them too - it's nice sharing cartoons with them.
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on February 4, 2016
Ahh... the memories of childhood... will there be another series like this? Never quite the same again. Warner Bros and Disney... two giants of animation that created a benchmark that all others measure against...
Glad I bought the Platinum Collection Set. Having Mel Blanc in the Special Features is really a bonus... what a legend...
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on November 11, 2014
Enjoyed this very much... there are some never before seen gems here.
All in all a nice upgrade, cheers! :)
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on October 17, 2012
I ordered this item because of the Tex Avery MGM cartoons included in it. Wow! "Red Hot Riding Hood," "Swingshift Cinderella" et al on Blu-ray! Sharp, brilliant high definition! Imagine my disappointment when the product arrived, I loaded up the disc containing said MGM Avery treasures, and it looked like I was watching them on VHS. Thanks for making it clear, Product Information, that these Avery cartoons are in "standard definition" (though they look even worse, with those intermittent comb-like parallel black lines that appear occasionally in the image in certain digital videos). My excitement face-planted to disappointment just like that.

Caveat emptor... suckers!
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An excellent collection of classic Looney Tunes shorts, still amusing and it's nice to have all of these old cartoons cleaned up.
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on November 27, 2014
haven't watched all yet but really surprised at the quality what a good find
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