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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2016
I have always been terrible at waking up to alarms. I will snooze for hours or turn off my alarm in my sleepy state. In the winter, I find it especially difficult to wake up on time as the sun does not rise for hours after my work start time. With the pitch black around me, I continue to make the wrong assumptions about the time in the morning and it has been a huge problem. The wake-up light alarm on this is fantastic - it gradually lights up for approximately an hour before the alarm time and simulates the sunrise. When I wake up in the morning, my entire room is lit up and it FEELS like it is morning. I am always shocked to find out that it is still completely black out.

The reason that I have rated this 3/5 stars is because of the price point. Considering how much I paid, I am surprised at the limited features.

- It has no Bluetooth capability to play music or any kind of ability to hook up an external device to play music.
- It has no hard drive and I cannot copy any music to it to customize my alarm tones. It has a few to choose from and I am tired of the few alarm sounds already.
- It has an FM radio and I cannot save any favourite stations. I end up tuning the radio by scrolling through stations in the most old-school way.
- The buttons are very awkward to press. Sometimes, it does not seem very responsive. I also wish the buttons on the sides were pronounced or labeled differently. I have to always remember which buttons are which and I constantly turn the light on or radio on by accident.
- The snooze operation is a bit strange. In the beginning, I was pressing hard into the front of the unit awkwardly and it was very frustrating. I realized that you really just need to give it a quick tap anywhere on the front and it will deactivate the alarm. It is a bit awkward still.
- I wish there was a RED LIGHT option since the clock is clearly capable of emitting red light (happens during the gradual transition into the light for the alarm). I have a Himalayan salt lamp next to me as I like to avoid blue light at night to help me sleep. If this had the option to turn on the red light, this would be a great bedside light.

I would recommend this if you have a hard time waking up and if the bright light will definitely get you up. I know it has made a difference for me. For the price though, I feel like there are a lot of ways they could improve this. It feels very overpriced.
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on May 27, 2016
This is the most useless wake up device I have ever used. It is also designed in a not-so-user-friendly manner it defeats the purpose.
Snooze function does not work as described - touching the glass repeatedly anywhere will not snooze the music or bird sounds. What I found works is touching the edge of the glass with my cell phone that has a rubber case - nothing else could snooze this thing!!! Unreal.
There is no AM radio, only FM (explain that Philips).
The thing is very tippy, and if you want to move it on nightstand you'll inadvertently push one or more buttons on the side of glass.
Control buttons are placed on the glass circumference making them hard to distinguish. Display is also not the sharpest (need reading glasses).
Set up is not straight forward as it is with most American designed electronic devices (Europeans like to spice things up a bit).
The light alone never woke me up if I did not choose the music sound as well. I know - we are all different sleepers.
So, a lot of people raving about this thing in reviews should have made me wonder how accurate they are. If you decide purchasing this thing make sure you make a decision within a month to keep it or return it.

I have decided to return this item to Amazon but the item is no longer eligible for a return. It's been 2 months since I received it, and on the website they advertised that there is a 3 month trial period during which this item can be returned if not satisfied. I am going to be contacting Amazon about this, It is not a pocket change I paid for it.
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on December 26, 2015
It's now been just under 2 months since I started using this. I do wake up while it's still dark out.
My impression so far is that it does help you wake up in a manner less stressful than a normal alarm clock, but only if:
1) You did get at least 5-6 hours of sleep.
2) You're not in the middle of a REM phase when the alarm goes off.
I use it with the singing birds, and a 20-minute "sunrise" simulation, but I still set the conventional alarm clock as backup.
One thing I REALLY don't like is that the sound loops after only about 15-20 seconds. For the price, Philips could have recorded a longer sequence.
In conclusion, I think this was a good buy but you need to use it for a while to get a noticeable effect.
I may revisit this review after I've used it longer.

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on October 3, 2012
Sanyo, my previous alarm clock was my bedmate for the last 25 years. Every morning she would wake me up with the same buzz until one day she got really sick and just started desperately blinking and gasping.

I hastily took her to my emergency workshop operating room to try and save her, but nothing could be done, she would forever remain silent in her magnificent faux-wood case.

Although stricken with grief by the loss of my faithful companion, I found the courage to get out and start meeting other alarm clocks. I was dismayed by the ones that crossed my path, none were as charming as my beloved Sanyo and I was slowly succumbing to the realization that I was going to be forever alarm-less.

That's when I met Philips HF3520/60. At first I was intimidated by her expensive look but she quickly seduced me with her full curves, smooth pale skin and blushing red cheeks.

When one morning she finally lit up and let me hear her beautiful voice, I knew she was the one.

She is different, she is beautiful, she is refined and most of all she wake me up gently every morning.

Now for the review:


- High quality materials, assembly and finish, looks like something Apple would make
- Very intuitive controls, I was able to set it all up without reading the instructions
- LED-based lamp as opposed to the halogen bulb of the previous model
- The sunrise light and birds sound wake you up gently
- The automatic dimming of the front display is great to minimize light in the bedroom at night
- Thick silicon pads to prevent scratching your furniture
- The five built in sounds are good except for the annoying seagulls in the "ocean" sound.
- You can use it as a reading lamp
- If you set the lamp to the lowest setting, it glows a soft red-orange, creating a nice candle-like ambiance in the bedroom for those intimate moments with your love one.


- The base is small and the alarm clock tall. A quick nudge could make it fall off the nightstand easily
- It uses a fairly thick power adapter which doesn't fit well behind my nightstand
- It doesn't track the date so you can't program the alarm to sound at a different time on the weekend (you can use the second alarm setting for this, but its manual)
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on January 4, 2016
After a few months with this clock I have noticed that it is much easier to wake up especially on those dark winter mornings. I am normally awake as soon as the actual sound alarm goes off because the light emitted naturally wakes me up. I love the sleep function where you can have the light set on a timer and dim more and more as the timer gets lower. All of the alarm sounds are pleasant. The controls/buttons are actually pretty easy to get used to, and I was able to set alarms and change alarm times even while doing it in the dark after a day or two of getting used to. The light emitted also make its so that I can walk over to my ceiling lights and see everything in the room, without tripping or falling.
review image
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on May 31, 2016
My favorite way to wake up! No more jumping out of my skin when the alarm goes off! There is so many options with this alarm clock. You can choose to wake up to the ever brightening light by itself (mimicking the sunrise) or by also having the sounds of birds and/or music. You can also have the radio turn on. So many different options. I prefer to have the light brighten and then have birds singing when my alarm goes off. I typically wake before my alarm goes off and feel more alert and ready to jump out of bed when it does! This is an excellent buy, well worth the money! This also is great for shift workers and early winter mornings when it's still dark when you have to get up. It helps you to feel more awake.
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on July 9, 2016
Very nice to wake up with natural light and nature sound, or the radio if you prefer. The only downside is the lack of a fail safe, there is no backup power option during outage, like most of the alarm clock.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 14, 2015
There are few things in life I have ever bought which have changed my life as much as this alarm clock. To give you a background, I used to have a 112db alarm clock wake me up every single day. I tried quieter alarm clocks but no luck. I would sleep through them. My loud alarm clock would SHOCK me awake and I would wake up with a pounding heart. I dreaded that feeling.

I never believed that a light based clock would ever wake me up, and boy was I wrong... I now wake up slowly and gently. I can never go back.

This is an amazing invention. 40 to 20 minutes before the time you wake up (you set that number) , the clock begins to light up very slowly. At first it's barely perceptible, but it slowly increases to the setting you choose (I choose maximum light).
When the clock hits the time you set, the sound kicks in. Gentle at first but it increases fast.

The clock has 5 different preset sounds for the sound alarm and I found them sufficient. I prefer the birds in the forest sound myself.
You can choose to have the clock play a preset radio station. It will work the same way. The clock will gradually increase the sound until you touch the clock face.

There is also a sleep function where you can turn on the radio as well as start with a clock fully lit and then hit this function. It will dim the light as well as the sound gradually (you set this interval) so that you can fall asleep like this. I don't find much use for this personally.

Here's what i found:

After months of owning this, the light ALONE wakes me up 90% of the time. That means I wake up before the sound alarm has a chance to kick in. The remaining 10% I get to hear the alarm.

There are however 2 major caveats I have to mention to anyone wanting to buy the clock.

#1. Keep your old alarm clock. Sadly this alarm clock has NO BATTERY BACKUP. Yep. As a result I kept my old 2 alarm clocks I always used and I set them for 15 minutes after the light clock. So If I set the light clock for 6am I set my regular alarm clocks for 615am in case I miss it.
In the months I had this clock I never needed this but power outages can happen. This is a problem but not worth taking a star off in my opinion.

#2. The room MUST be dark. Get good blinds or cover up your windows to make sure your room is as dark as possible. This is needed in order to create a contrast between the light of the clock and the room. My bachelor fix was to put cardboard boxes on the window. With the blinds closed you cannot see the boxes :) Your solution may vary but darkness is essential.

This is a phenomenal product and if you are thinking about it, definitely give it a try. It changed my life. Did I mention that it also doubles as a lamp?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 25, 2016
+Awesome to wake-up to a simulated sunrise (especially in the winter)
+Can be used as a warm ambient room light.

-Alarm sounds are preset and on a fairly short loop (a custom sound option would make this perfect).
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on July 23, 2016
We love it. It is well built and the sounds are great and both my wife and I wake up feeling more refreshed. We only wish it had a connection for the phone so we could play our own music or sounds on it.
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