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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 29, 2012
Director Christopher McQuarrie won an Oscar for his screenplay on The Usual Suspects, and he also wrote the screenplay for Jack Reacher. If you have seen the trailer, you might think that the movie is a pure adrenalin rush in the same vein as Taken, but that's not exactly correct. There is plenty of action, but McQuarrie also gives his characters time to breathe, and we learn a little about the backgrounds of most of the major players.

The movie begins with someone shooting five apparently random strangers from long range with a rifle. This is shown in close-up. In fact, this movie has more close-ups than any I have ever seen. It includes facial shots, point-of-view shots, and objects. The camera angles are also interesting. Perhaps the intention was to place us right among the action?

A man is arrested for the shooting and asks for Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise). Unfortunately, Reacher is something of a mystery and nobody knows how to contact him. When he does eventually appear, it's on his terms. We learn that he was an investigator of sorts while in the army, and he's enlisted by Helen (Rosamund Pike), who is the lawyer representing the accused man. Reacher isn't sure he's even guilty.

I don't think that I should give away many more plot points, so I'll talk more generally about what you can expect. But I will say that the story is fairly predictable.

I'm not a big fan of Tom Cruise, but I think this is one of his best performances and I would put it up there with Collateral. At 50 years of age, he's still a convincing action star, and I believed that he had the skills to do what he does in the movie. McQuarrie also keeps some of the action scenes realistic and things don't always work out perfectly for the hero.

You'll see Reacher investigating the crime, and we are shown how some of his realizations come to pass. There's an enjoyable cameo from Robert Duvall, and nobody gives a truly bad performance in the entire movie.

Action fans will enjoy a few fight scenes, a car chase, and a big shootout, but there's a story present at all times. This isn't a movie without substance. Reacher is the only character who is given much to do. At times it seems as though everyone else is standing around waiting to see what happens.

Jack Reacher won't blow you away, but it's better than the standard genre offerings. I could easily see it spawning a sequel, and I would probably go and see it.
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on May 11, 2014
What a fantastic surprise this movie was...I wasn't sure about getting it, thinking how so many movies from books are nothing like the author's story...and when you like the author that is a HUGE disappointment. This movie was so accurate I was blown away and had to go back and read the book 'One Shot' again as I have most of Lee Child's books and hope more of them will be in movie form. Tom Cruise did an exceptional job, producing and acting, I figured he must have read some or all of Lee Child's bestsellers. This movie is a new favorite for me so of course, 5 stars for every category. It is definitely a movie I'll watch a number of times.
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on April 28, 2015
The film opens up like "Basic" with one man requesting another. A man (Joseph Sikora) is accused of random shootings. The evidence is overwhelmingly against him. In Iraq he was a sniper. Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) arrives as a brash and cocky individual, a role Tom Cruise has perfected. Jack is elusive. Eventually he takes on the task as the lead investigator for the accused. His lawyer (Rosamund Pike) happens to be the daughter of the prosecutor (Richard Jenkins). As Jack investigates, things are not what they seem which draws us into the story.

Unfortunately the mystery is short lived as clues come too fast. It then resorts to an us vs. them with a car chase scene that lasted way to long for this type of crime drama. The script was otherwise well done. Acting was as we would expect from the cast. Makes for a decent rental. There could be a Jack Reacher sequel, hopefully with some complexity. This is another film shot in Pittsburgh, the Hollywood of the East.

Parental Guide: 1 F-bomb, no sex or nudity. Some spicy language and sexual references.
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Jack Reacher(released Dec/12)stars,among others,Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher,Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin,Richard Jenkins as Alex Rodin,David Oyelowo as Emerson and Werner Herzog as Zec.I found this to be an imaginative whodunit with alot of unexpected twists and turns.The film does have a tendency to over analyze on the details but over all I found it better than expected.
The story starts with the "random" shooting of five individuals in an open waterfront park in Pittsburgh.The perp is picked up and brought in.The only thing he will tell them is to find one Jack Reacher.They send him to a holding cell but on the way he gets beaten up by fellow prisoners and has memory loss,winding up in a hospital bed.The police look into the perps record and Reacher's.It seems the perp is an ex army sniper and Jack is an ex military MP,who has purposely dropped off Government radar.Just as the D.A. and lead detective are having a pow wow about their next move,in walks Reacher himself.The defense attorney appointed to defend the perp is there and she happens to be the D.A.'s daughter.She grabs Reacher right away and has a good talk to him about what they know so far about the case.Reacher reveals more of his military past and it seems he once tried to convict the perp of a deliberate killing of mercenary troops,but it didn't stick as evidence and witnesses were hushed up.Reacher told the perp if he ever got in any trouble back home,he would be there to see him taken down.
Reacher right away cottons on to some facts of the case that don't make sense,and he is convinced the perp is innocent.Reacher agrees to help the defense attorney and this leads them both on a long and complicated search for the truth.The identification of one person,leads to another higher up and so on.Reacher at one point attends a firing range many miles out of town run by an ex military man,who at first denies he had ever seen the perp.After a small test of firing skill by Reacher,the man retracts his denial of the perp and agrees to help Reacher when push comes to shove later.
Reacher's extensive nosing has finally uncovered the man behind the killings in the park.His name is Zec,a Russian who spent many years in the Gulag.He runs a construction conglomerate and it was his men that took out the people in the park,not the one arrested.In fact the other four people killed were collateral damage to mask the killing of just one woman who would not sell her business to him.Reacher,with the gun range owners help,zero's in on Zec and his men at a gravel pit.They have captured the defense lawyer and are holding her as bait for Reacher.Reacher takes them down one by one,including the lead detective in the case who was Zec's patsy,until he reaches Zec,sitting behind the lawyer.He has a few short words with Zec and "ends" the conversation abruptly.As the police sirens wail in the background signalling their imminent arrival,Reacher and the gun range owner leave the defense attorney to mop up the scene of carnage left behind.
The film finishes as the defense lawyer interviews the now innocent sniper.Though he does not recall the shooting,he still thinks he did it.He also believes Reacher will one day show up,as promised,to prosecute him,not knowing Reacher was there already and proved his innocence.
The film builds to a heightened tension rapidly and manages to generally keep it there throughout the film.There are some nail biting moments throughout with Reacher being involved in car chases,shootings and fights.The only criticisms I can make of this film is that there may be a bit too much attention to detail,as the film's 130 minute running length attests to.And the final ending of the gravel pit shootout,leaving the defense attorney to come up with some plausible explanation for all the dead bodies around,seems a bit of a stretch.Considering all that has come before it it seems far too convenient and an easy way out.I was surprised to see acting vet Robert Duvall in his small but nice role as the gun range owner.
Technically speaking the film is in its original w/s a/r of 2:35:1 and is clear and crisp.There are no extras.
All in all a surprisingly good thriller/whodunit,with Mr Cruise on top of his game.The film's length is a bit of a bother as is the over attention to detail,but generally speaking it satisfies,and that's what counts.
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on May 12, 2013
So how can i begin to talk about everyone's review that's here on Amazon,it's almost like
watching kids in, and i mean kids in school telling other kids my daddy is bigger and better than your
daddy and he's smarter too,now i have never read any of Lee Child's books so i can't compare the book to
the movie,but I'm going to give this one to [Tom Cruise] for the simple reason that some parts of this movie
did not require major Braun to get the job done,or any exceptionable intelligence just plain old detective work,
no matter how you look at it,that's all it comes down to,so whether you're 6.5 or 5.8 and scruffy and aloof as one
reviewer put it from the book,i don't know if that would be my down-fall of the movie,this was just like any other
Army detective movie that i have seen say like [A Few Good Men] what is really wrong with some of these people,
They Can't Handle The Truth,i'm going to give it five stars for the simple reason that T.Cruise was very different
in this role,i don't know if it's the role he had to play but it sure was different in every sense of the way,He didn't
had that look that he has especially when he's in a scene with his co-star [Rosamund Pike] any-other movie he
would like fall all over her,so if it's 6.5 you're looking for, how about [Vince Vaughn] or [Kevin Durand] how
about [Ray Stevenson] from [Kill The Irishman]..
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on May 25, 2013
This movie must be in my top 25 of all time. I can watch it over and over. I love this character and look forward to seeing more in future movies. Even if you are not a Tom Cruise have to like his version of Jack Reacher.
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on November 3, 2014
I didn't think I would enjoy this movie because I am not a Tom Cruise fan, but I did. I found it to be an interesting and exciting crime story with lots of action and twists and turns. I also enjoyed the special features about the making of the film including interviews with the director, Tom Cruise and the writer of the Jack Reacher novels, Lee Child. Glad I bought this!
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on May 18, 2013
JAck Reacher.... don't care what they say. its an awesome movie.. worth the money! action, drama... I love it... and trust me when I say this.. if it sucked .. I would say it
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on July 28, 2014
What can you say about Reacher ,, hard tough cookie , who makes things happen his way .. a great movie .. hopefully the start of a franchise ..
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on May 23, 2013
Fun movie if you like Tom Cruise... not his best though... I prefer his Mission impossible films. However, that being said it was fun.
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