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on August 7, 2014
The Dark Knight Rises is excellent movie making. Make no mistake while this is an outstanding superhero genre film…it “rises” (pun intended) to become so much more. Like its predecessor 2008’s “The Dark Knight”…this is an Oscar worthy masterpiece. While the Marvel/Disney juggernaut has the market cornered on Superhero films, in particular the linking of storylines into phases, DC, via the inimitable Chris Nolan has the humanistic, palpable meatier storytelling. Chris Nolan has made a handsome billionaire the subject of the viewer’s sympathy and compassion. He on the surface has it all, wealth, fame and prestige….but this film demonstrates the enormous physical toll such heroics bring. You might admire the Batman/Bruce Wayne, but with all the physical abuse he endures, you would not want to be him.

The film comes at an apt time, when the 1 percent argument is powerfully present. When one has a lot, one can occasionally have a lot to lose. Conversely, it is rather foolish to think that so few can have so much without any form of social outcry. Enter Bane, Batman’s nemesis, played with utter brilliance and demonic panache by Tom Hardy. He too is one to watch, if only for his physical transformations (see Bronson and Rock N Rolla). It is hard to believe this GQ looking fellow could become the physical monster that is Bane. His performance is made all the more formidable when one considers his face is nearly completely covered except for his eyes, through which he conveys everthing from contempt to humor and enraged fury. Though some have mocked his “Conneryesque” accent/speech affecation, I would offer that is merely adds to his mystique and larger than life character. Nothing about this character is low key. He is first and foremost a terrorist and as such terrorizes, though many I spoke with found the stock exchange blow out strangely satisfying. His revolutionary entrance is only part of his story, however, as his history and an old Batman foe’s are inextricably linked.

Only Chris Nolan (along with brother Jonathan) could produce such a strong social commentary of the haves and have nots cloaked (again pun intended) in a superhero film. I haven’t mentioned Bale as honestly he is so damn incredible in every performance since “Empire of Sun”, his earliest performance. Though not yet 40, Christian Bale has such a diverse acting portfolio that he is hard to pin down or typecast. He is however, to this date and beyond, the best depiction of Batman, surpassing earlier efforts by Tim Burton which were great in their own regard. Bale is simply effortless in his performances. His fellow English compatriot, Gary Oldman (mind numbingly denied an Oscar after numerous noms) is Jim Gordon. No one else can fill his shoes. His depiction too is poured from the pages of the comics. Anne Hathaway is probably the most solid Catwoman thus far, bringing a smouldering sensuality and intelligence not before brought to this character. She is the veritable yin to Batman’s Yang, rival, enemy and ultimately ally…….Marion Cotillard, previously seen in Nolan’s mind bending “Inception”, ably plays the mysterious Victoria Tate with seductive aplomb. When Michael Caine was initially suggested as Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s long-suffering butler, medic and father-figure, I didn’t see it. I am now a convert and see no one else in the role. Equally solid is Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises CEO and tech provider to the Dark Knight. His wry humor and wit prevent this role from becoming a cookie cutter support role. It is interesting to note that there are 4 Oscar winners for acting in this film, yet another mark of quality. Nolan freely surrounds himself with talent and it shows.

My wife and I have seen “Dark Knight Rises” 3 times in the theater, no mean feat considering the present economy, and have seen it countless times on DVD since. ıt is the veritable capper of the other two efforts. I would offer that it is every bit as good as “The Dark Knight” forever linked with everyone’s consciousness with Heath Ledger’s fantastically manic and unfortunately final performance. “The Dark Knight Rises” is solid, powerful and ultimately satisfying. Anyone taking over the franchise has their work cut out for them. I await with bated breath to see what Nolan can do as producer, creative force with “Man of Steel”, because if he can do for Superman what he did for Batman…..Marvel studios just might have something to worry about.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 27, 2016
Great action and superhero movie again, that ends this last trilogy in a good way.
Batman has been a steady part of my youth and I really like this new era, darker, less cartoon, and more realistic.
Bane is one scary and strong villain and was fairly new to me. I liked the hard duel between the two powerful men.
A great story line, keeping you on the edge, intense and fun.

If you like the signature, and have loved the first two of the trilogy, you need to see this. Enjoy!
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VINE VOICEon April 20, 2018
At $8 I couldn't not have this! I've got all the Christian Bale Batman movies on bluray now. Amazing movie, and the bluray makes for a great experience in my home theatre!
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on February 3, 2018
Good movie! Great pic in 4k, loved the sound! Has great bass track! One of those movies this is good to double dip!!! Good for your collection, should have this one in 4k!
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on October 22, 2016
Good movie, and a top quality product. Nothing super fancy... but it didn't claim to be. Cinematically it is a brilliant end to an epic saga. Bane is a wonderful addition to the franchise and Bale delivers in his exit role. Two thumbs up.
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on December 5, 2014
My love of Batman knows no bounds. To all of you softhearted people who wanted Batman and Bane to be best friends and have a happy the comics!!! The movies are true to those, not the bubble gum happy spewed out by Hollywood. If you want happy then watch Iron Man. That is why DC is not owned by Disney and it shows.
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on August 12, 2016
Supposed to be in Wide Screen Format but is in Full Screen only....very disappointed. Description stated Wide Screen....false advertising.....not the first time this has happened with Amazon.......not a happy customer
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2013
Batman The Dark Knight Rises - Christian Bale - a True Classic!

PIcked it up pre xmas 2013 for a Song, give or take... Great Film

and even better in Blue Ray ALWAYS (almsot) delivers FAST!

They even make Canad Psot Deliver Faster than they do any other time! A MIRACLE! *LoL*
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on February 23, 2013
The cowl and display was small enough as to not intrude you're other collectibles, but big enough for details to the mask shattering effect. Amazing collector piece that any Batman fan. Only gripe I have about this is the case which houses the 3 blu-rays that came with this set. Although the casing itself is beautiful in its artwork and interesting way of incorporating itself into the base, it would've been nice to have an actual blu-ray case come with it, so I can add it to my movie collection. Instead of having to constantly go back to the display just to watch take it out of the base and watch the movie.
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on December 9, 2017
Phenomenal ending to the trilogy
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