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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on December 4, 2012
Buy this before it sells out! at 10$ a film its a steal, the trilogy also comes with a picture booklet of different shots from the movies. there are 5 discs total including all the special features, plus every single movie is brilliant
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on December 10, 2012
great set nicely packaged. wish it came with some kind of figurine since it is limited edition. set comes with a special features disc also. great christmas stuffer
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on January 14, 2013
J'ai acheté la trilogie de BATMAN.
Ne vous fiez pas au fait qu'on indique que ce n'est que la version en anglais seulement.
La version en français est incluse aussi.
Bon achat/ bonne qualité et bon prix!!!
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on May 24, 2013
What can I really say except that I'm a huge Batman fan and Christopher Nolan Fan.

All 3 movies were a great deal and worth owning for ANY Batman fan out there.

Nothing else to say except that it's self-explanatory and I love the trilogy.

Worth Owning and especially on Blu-Ray... I got a great deal!!! ;)
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on January 7, 2013
All three movies in one neat package. It's really all you need.The Dark knight and The Dark Knight Rises includes a bonus disc of the making of the movies including a look at Batman from beginning to end.
The included booklet is also a nice keepsake to have.
I love what Christopher Nolan did for Batman and can't wait to see Man of Steel for his vision of Superman.Should be awesome!!
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on April 18, 2013
Nolanized Batman!

I think we all remember the old batman movies growing up Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton were all pretty good movies for their time. But than the batman killer came along a.k.a George Clooney and the bat nipples. Than came Christopher Nolan to give the batman saga CPR and boy did he ever....

Batman Begins was amazing no other words for it. The Dark Knight also amazing and did the joker amazingly. This new protrayal of joker but Heath Ledger was mindblowing, much better in my opinion than jack nicholson who was also very very good. I wont say much else for those who actually have not seen the movie but.....well....see it!

The Dark Knight Rises. In my oppinion the weakest of the three but at the same time the most intense. Tom Hardy as Bane....absolutely....TERRIFYING... they could not have picked a better guy. What Tome Hardy can do with his eyes alone is very intense. I saw the mid night showing and by the time Bane came to fight batman I was thinking "RUN BATMAN RUN!"

Definitely worth seeing!
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on January 10, 2013
About the movie:
The recent batman trilogy is one of the if not the best superhero movie. The first movie, batman begins, started it off by being a very dark and gritty at a time when superhero movies were known to be "campy". The second movie is a masterpiece in acting, storyline and filmmaking . It had great performance especially from the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. The third movie was excellent by itself although not reaching the second films level. You can find our more about the movie through rotten tomatoes or imdb.

About the package:
The package contains a blu-ray disc of all 3 films including a behind the scenes disc on the last 2 movies. This is a great deal for $30 since when the last movie came out on blu-ray it was around $24. This was a no-brainer to grab the trilogy for $30 even if I already had the 2nd movie in blu-ray. The package also contains a nice art book on the series. The movie is great to enjoy on an 46 and above TV and surround sound. The picture quality (2nd one specifically, shot in IMAX) is the sharpest I've ever seen in a movie. Worth the price if you can get it at around $30.
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on December 28, 2012
Before Director Christopher Nolan came around, the caped crusader had his fair share of lows over highs in his cinematic history. But by infusing a gritty, hyper-real approach to the masked superhero, Nolan and star Christian Bale effectively brought to life the definitive film interpretation of the crime-fighting character.

This set collects the three films, the opening act 'Batman Begins' - exploring Bruce Wayne's origins and motivations to becoming Batman in a crime-infested Gotham City, the masterpiece middle installment 'The Dark Knight' which pits Batman against an anarchist named The Joker (Academy Award-winner Heath Ledger), and the culminative 'The Dark Knight Rises' that finds Gotham City under siege from the terrorist Bane.

Each film is presented in glorious high-definition with pristine video and audio quality while 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' each have changing aspect ratios to reflect the use of IMAX cameras during the production. All the editions come with extensive hours on bonus content and the box even contains a special booklet that explores artwork and concepts from the films, including additional villains Catwoman, Scarecrow, Two-Face and Ra's Al Ghul.

A true Batman fan can't ignore adding this piece of greatness to a collection shelf, especially if you have not been buying the single editions already over the last few years. One can only hope this is truly not the end of Nolan's run on the franchise, but for now you can't go wrong with this quinessential trilogy edition on Blu-ray.
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on March 6, 2013
This box set seemed like a great buy when it came out. I also was one of the lucky ones that was able to get it at a discounted price a day before its release.

Although the movies are good and the package looks good, the movies themselves have been badly edited ..most likely to meet ratings' standard.

There are at least 3 obvious scenes in The Dark Knight that made me wonder if I had gotten a version that shouldn't have been released ..

1-When the Joker first explains how he got his scars, he puts the knife in a guys mouth ..then a second later he's on the floor ..the sound also slightly faded ..the editing is obvious and botched up

2-The pencil scene, when the Joker makes it "disappear" ..again, the scene is edited the original, we never fully saw what we all imagined, but it did need to, because they showed enough for us to understand ..In this box set, they cut a small part ..making the scene a bit confusing, letting the viewer wonder what just happened ..

3-In one scene, Batman says the F word ..the sound is clearly faded ..
In The Dark Knight Rises, when bane and Batman fights underground, the sound is also "equalized" ..making it sound like a cheap quality movie ..

I am really disapointed with the box set, and its unfortunate because I was really looking forward to it, but when I BUY a product, I like to have the full release, without botched up editing fact never seen this before in a product that I bought !!! I've seen these sort of editing on television, a supper time when kids are still up ..not in an official Bluray release.

The movies are good, but I feel like I have been cheated. I am definitely getting rid of this box set !
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on July 4, 2015
Pre-ordered the trilogy at a great price, less than I would have paid in the store. Not that I wouldn't have bought it anyway.
Batman Begins is good, but Christopher Nolan is just warming up. He hits his stride with the Dark Knight, which is more than just a comic book super hero movie. It pays homage to caper movies like Heat and Black Sunday, and one needn't be a fan of Bat Man or comics to appreciate it.
The Dark Knight Rises, while a bit long, is a worthy conclusion to the trilogy. Nolan clearly abides by the old saying "always leave them wanting more", as one wants to see how the surviving characters get on with life after Bane.
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