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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on May 5, 2016
I really enjoy Bond movies, but this was a total flop. The action sequence that starts off the movie gives such promise, but the remainder of the movie is incredibly long and boring. It may actually have been good if they cut 30-45 minutes. It also annoyed by that they brought back Q, only to tease us with the promise of gadgets without actually delivering. A real let down (I don't get why this movie grossed over a billion dollars). Still, I had to have it to complete my collection.
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on July 27, 2016
Another good Bond movie with Daniel Craig. I like Daniel Craig as Bond because his action scenes seemed to be better than others. And of course, he looks soooo good especially in the suit. ;)

With the price, it was a great buy!
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Skyfall flew into blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 2.40:1 encode. The image is spectacular: clear, sharp, detailed and noiseless. This is largely due to spectacular digital photography of cinematographer Roger Deakins. Skyfall is a symphony of different tones and palettes, from the chilly blues and milky whites of London to the emotional browns, greens, reds and (eventually) oranges of the Scottish sequences to the exotic primaries and fluorescents of Shanghai and Macau. And let's not forget the broken-down wreck of an island where Silva keeps his headquarters. Fantastic transfer. (5/5)


Skyfall comes with DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio lossless track, that is equal to the video in quality. The various explosions, car chases and shootouts, not to mention the opening train chase involving a crane and various VW Beetles and a scene in the London Tube all come with great sonic intensity, with their crisply defined surround effects, immersive surround field and deep bass extension. Dialogue is clear and precise. The score by composer Thomas Newman, entering the Bond franchise for the first time at Mendes' specific request, is simply superb. We must also not forget the title song by Adele. I predict that she will win the Oscar for Best Original Song during the upcoming Academy Award. (5/5)

AWARDS (Updated):

Academy Award Winnners:
1. Best Original Song: Adele and Paul Epworth for Skyfall
2. Best Sound Editing: Per Hallberg, Karen M. Baker

Academy Award Nominations:
1. Best Achievement in Cinematography: Roger Deakins
2. Best Original Score: Thomas Newman
3. Best Achievement in Sound Mixing: Scott Milan, Greg P. Russell, Stuart Wilson


Skyfall, the 23rd installment in the James Bond franchise, is also the highest grossing Bond movie at $1,094 million. It is the second highest grossing movie in 2012, behind The Avengers. Currently, it is sitting at #7 in the All-Time Worldwide Box Office Gross chart. Amazing feat!


Skyfall is highly entertaining with top-notched video and audio. I hope Roger Deakins will win the Oscar for Cinematography, Thomas Newman for Original Score, and the more sure-bet win for Adele. Hopefully, she does not drop any F-bomb in her acceptance speech. I am sure a Collector’s Edition of this movie will come out later on, but for now, this set will do for now, and is highly recommended.


Congratulations to Adele Adkins for winning the Oscar for Best Original Song, plus a fantastic live performance on the show. On the recent Brit Awards Show, Skyfall was awarded Single Of The Year 2012. Adele was not present to receive the award because she was in Los Angeles rehearsing for the live performance during Oscar broadcast. Great job!


The current price of $14.99 is the CHEAPEST so far, after dropping from the original price of $24.99. If you like this movie, buy it now. It is a real bargain!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 23, 2014
Not the best Bond movie with Daniel Craig. But, it is watchable and enjoyable with a brilliant soundtrack. It may have earned the most money out of all the Bond movies, and Javier Bardem makes for a worthy foe, but his talents are underutilized by Sam Mendes. Daniel Craig gives another of his routine Bond performance with the same broodiness and edginess. But, I disagree with the majority who think this is the best Bond movie ever made. No it is not. Not by a long shot.
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on April 7, 2013
Daniel Graig is probably the best Bond.The movie certainly uses special effects to fullest . The stories seem to going in a new direction. Wonder what Ian Fleming would think of his hero now?
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on May 27, 2015
An unknown bad guy (Javier Bardem) has obtained the list of all NATO nation covert operatives working inside terrorist cells. As he threatens to release them, an aged Bond (Daniel Craig) who appears to have lost a step, must go to Shanghai and appear in the obligatory casino scene and attempt to get back the computer file. This feature has the standard Bond lines, killer title track, sensual scenes, over the top chase action, as well as a return to Bond's roots.

Judi Dench as "M" was superb. Adele singing the title track, who else? The Bond series has kept up with the times as expected and leaves sequel possibilities open. Good action flick, although I do not consider this to be the best Bond film ever or even close. It lacked the fun gag names that makes for great spoofs, but did use Silva, the name of our bad guy from the urban dictionary: Silvas are typically the most handsome men one will ever come across in person. A silva is a strong, sexy, and successful individual that doesn't need anyone but himself. Worth a peek on the big screen.

Parental Guide: 1 f-bomb, sensual scenes that implied sex, no nudity.
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The Daniel Craig movies have really injected new life into the James Bond franchise, but "Skyfall" is possibly one of the best Bond movies EVER.

This movie is not just a brilliant Bond movie, or a brilliant spy thriller, but a brilliant movie in general -- beautifully filmed, combining the old-school James Bond formula with a very 21st-century brand of terrorism. But what truly elevates this beautiful movie is Sam Mendes' focus on both Bond and M, and the terrible costs of living their lives.

A hard drive containing information on double agents is stolen in Istanbul, and Bond (Daniel Craig) nearly manages to get it back. But he's accidentally shot by Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and presumed dead. He's not dead, obviously -- but he uses this as a chance to retire to a tropical island.

But then MI6 is hacked by a cyberterrorist, and their headquarters is blown up. Bond reappears in London to offer his services to his country again, but he's obviously not fit for duty -- physically or psychologically. Despite this, M (Judi Dench) sends him back out to find the cyberterrorists before more agents are killed.

The trail leads him to Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), a former agent who specializes in cyberterrorism. He blames M for his torture and mutilation, and is determined to destroy her career before killing her. Even capturing Silva isn't enough to stop him, and soon Bond must flee London with M to make a final stand against Silva.

If there is a underlying question to "Skyfall," it is this: Does an old-fashioned agent like James Bond belong in a world of cyberterrorism and individual extremism? Well, yes. The nature of conflict, evil and cruelty will never change, only the media through which they are spread. It's expressed in a lovely speech by M, which seems to say, "So what if it's the age of Bourne and Fast & Furious? Bond is timeless."

But Sam Mendes does sow some seeds of doubt about the "old guard" -- M is coming to the end of her tenure, and Bond is beginning to crumble from the physical and mental damage he's taken over the years.

Mendes' direction is truly spellbinding. The action is gritty and often brutal, but set against backdrops of breathtaking beauty -- a nighttime apartment lit by glowing jellyfish, Bond drifting on a boat surrounded by luminous paper lanterns, and the creaky polished beauty of Skyfall itself. But he never lets us forget the brutality of the villain's ways, such as when the token Bond girl is brutally shot in the head.

The movie also takes the chance to dip into the relationship between M and Bond. They have an untrusting, almost antagonistic relationship, with Bond knowing he cannot truly trust M, but also knowing that she does what must be done. And as he encounters Silva, Bond begins to see the creature he could choose to become, but his essential decency holds him back.

Craig and Dench rule this movie, and both of them are blisteringly good -- they give stoic performances with strong emotions roiling under the surface. Craig's performance is particularly brilliant -- this is a Bond aching and riddled with scars, but he still has the strength he needs. He also has some deliciously sensual scenes with Naomie Harris. Shaving never looked so hot.

But who can forget Javier Bardem? He also gives a glorious performance as Silva, a flamboyant cyberterrorist who hides his hate under a perpetually laughing face. Only when confronted by the woman he wants to kill does he show his true rage.

"Skyfall" is not just a brilliant James Bond movie, but a brilliant movie -- in action, in writing, in direction and in character. The next Bond movie will have a tough act to follow.
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on June 28, 2014
The movie is fun but a little too much violence for my taste. Also, I had a hard time using the menu, getting to the movie took forever.
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on November 27, 2013
But that's my opinion.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute of this fast-paced 143-minute ride and it sure was well spent time. Craig is as convincing as ever, with a director as strong as Mendes, and Javier Bardem who is the most complex Bond villain in a long time. It is hard for me to think of what the next Bond film will be, but this is "The Dark Knight" of James Bond films so in my opinion, it's way up there. If, like me, you were infuriated by Quantum of Solace, for its lack of story, its short run-time or its seemingly low profile, there is nothing to fear of such proportion here. Skyfall intelligently makes sure we have no recollection of Quantum anywhere.

Audio and image are superb, powerful and boast an impressive song from Adele. The opening credits alone are worth the price. There is so much psychology hidden in the imagery (which follows the entire film and never lets go) it's almost impossible not to have seen most of its roots and the hints at the Shakespearian tragedy.

Special features are nice, but there seems to be a voluntary lack of depth (only 60 minutes of behind the scenes in total), perfect for a future special edition then. Nevertheless, it is quite satisfying a film and as a featurettes package to warrant a blind buy.

If you're not a fan of Craig's Bond though, proceed with caution. If you're a connoisseur of Mendes, or if you have any interest in 007, this is worth checking out... it IS, after all, the Bond film that amassed the most money so far (over $1 G), although your judgement alone can tell if you like it.
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on March 27, 2013
While I am still a tremendous fan of the first Craig effort, "Casino Royale" which should make the Bond record books simply for best "parcour" chase scene at the beginning....and the incandescent Eva Green as Vesper, Bond's romantic and intellectual much was right about this film even in its grand tragic depiction of Bond's broken heart....however, this is about Skyfall, which is so epic in its scope and presentation that it could be an opera.....the villian of this piece, Silva, played with demonic aplomb by Oscar winning Javier Bardem is so good it is scary...Bardem effortlessly blurs the line between genuine insanity, campy drama and strangely drawing viewer pathos as a formidably damaged human being. His character reveals at heart the downfall of the spy business -- most agents are expendable. Bond too learns this example at the film's beginning when a judgement call by "M" leads to his "demise"....What separates Silva from Bond is literally moral character..both are betrayed equally, yet both take severely diverging paths..(queue Silva's recounting of rat elimination as exposition..) Craig quite simply has become Bond..he is so damn good and natural at it..that even after 50 years and over 20 cannot imagine anyone else in the role. Dame Judy Dench delivers a beautiful, powerful and far deeper depiction of the woman behind Bond than ever she has. In the exceedingly capable hands of Sam Mendes (Oscar winning director of such films as American Beauty) we have a very different Bond..the film simply crackles with a more artistic vibe. This is not to say that the film lacks in any way for action and physical punch..there is a hardy abundance of such, but there is also a greater emotional depth and character development never before seen in Bond films.An excellent homage to its predecessors is demonstrated by the "rebirth" of both Q and Moneyponey, played with saucy verve by Naomie Harris. Ralph Fiennes as Mallory also delivers the performance he has become known for as a bureaucrat who is more than he seems. Overall, this film is fantastic and sets an impossibly high bar for the spy genre. Simply outstanding.
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