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on July 18, 2017
Perfect product.
Only reason I gave 4/5 is because the manufacturer warranty is expired.
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on December 31, 2015
This device has the worst battery life I have ever seen. Will not keep a charge.
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on November 24, 2013
I have the Nexus 10. Nexus 7. Now the lovely Nexus 5. They are all so smart devices, so quick and, even the Nexus 10, so compact and slim. Put them all side-to-side each other, and they do look good. I have waited years to get devices like these and, even tho I have also got the iPads, I can honestly say these Nexus devices are the best I have ever seen...I'm really impressed with all of them.

I had an old Ericsson phone, it must be, almost 10 years now and thought it was time to replace it for a smartphone.
But I wasn't too keen on the iPhone as my sons got the iPhone 5, so when I saw Google was bringing the Nexus 4 out, I decided to get that but I never did. I'm glad now that I waited for them to bring the Nexus 5 out, becaz I understand its slimmer and a lot more compact, also the camera is better than the previous model.

This is the best phone I have owned, it's even easier to use than my land-line phone....I'm not technical at all.
The dial pad is terrific and so simple to use,
and the volume is crystal clear. I love the fact that the speakers are on the bottom of the phone.

Also, becaz iv never used a smart phone before, I'm amazed just how quick it charges and if you compare it to ordinary mobile phones that aren't Smart, I'm extremely impressed with the battery life.

The camera is amazing, I have never seen a camera so precise and the pictures come out so clear and sharp, it's just as tho you are seeing the real object and not seeing it through a lens. Front and back camera I found really good, but for obvious reasons the back camera is a lot more sharper, giving a cleaner photo all round.

I haven't learnt to text on the phone yet, becaz I keep on phoning my friends instead by accident - so have to use my landline phone for SMS for time being, but I know I will get the hang of texting on the Nexus soon. I went on the net earlier and just like the other two nexus devices, it's so quick ans so is sending Emails.

Also, I have played a couple of my games that I got from GooglePlay, played 'Tilt 3d Labyrinth' where you have got to get the marbles across the board by 'tilting' your device and make sure they dnt drop down the holes.
So touch friendly -it honestly felt like I was playing my nexus 7 or 10, obviously apart from the size difference, I'm still amazed that it was a phone that I'm using.

When I got the phone from GooglePlay, I should have asked them about the sim becaz unfortunately I didn't realise it was a Micro-Sim, so I had to wait a few days for my Mobile Operator to send one. But at least I was able to still use it as a small tablet whilst waiting for the Sim to arrive.

I downloaded the Amazon AppStore onto my Nexus, which I can't understand as it says iv got the max amount of devices - 10.- and I have only got 3 devices, I dnt even think I downloaded the AppStore onto the it might just be just the two devices, so where's the others come from??

I also downloaded the Amazon Music Player and, even tho I haven't downloaded any music onto the device it self yet, playing the music from the cloud was really clear.

I will add more into this review, but I have only just started using it...but overall I'm extremely impressed with my new phone - Tablet.

Also, one reviewer I have noticed has given this amazing device such an appalling review just becaz there's no 'paper' instructions.
We are 'trying' to be Planet Friendly and so the best way is to reduce the amount of paper that's used. All the instructions can be found via the internet, just Google Nexus 5 or phone Google themselves as they have a dedicated help-line. But, like I have said I'm not technical at all, so if I have no problems anyone can work this device out and that's not even getting advice. It's so simple to use.

I got all of the Nexus devices directly from GooglePlay as I believe this is the cheepest place to buy. The delivery is so quick and an reasonable.

Just received Email from Google and they have given me super tips regarding the phone, website is:


and this will give all the info needed to get started
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on November 6, 2013
This phone is suppose to be 350$... if im gona spent that koney on this phone.... why not get galaxy s4 for an extra 100 bucks.....
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