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on April 30, 2017
Way better sound than the the old Rugged Rukus. However, I find myself very disappointed & frustrated when the device shuts off while playing music, and it displays that it still has half battery. So, i sent it back for a return, hoping it was just a flawed unit. However, it continues to happen with the second one I've received. So i give this product 1 star, sadly. I'd give the old Rukus 5/5, it served me well.
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on December 27, 2015
I purchased this item for myself for Christmas 2015. I only plugged it in today, charged it up, and tried it out. I was really doubtful that I would like this product since it is so small. I chose this unit based on the reviews from previous customers. Although people rated it quite high and had a lot of good things to say, I was still skeptical. It was a lot of money, and I was already disappointed when I tried one of the Bose speakers. I have several Bose headphones, even bought a pair for my daughter, but the Bose speaker did not cut it, so it was returned.

You must know that my husband has a very good ear for music. He studied piano for over 7 years, and attended the Royal Conservatory for music in Montreal. He is even pickier than I am, and he did not like the Bose. The Bose speaker sounded dull, the music did not have that richness to it, and we had tried it in the house!

I charged the Eton Rukus Xtreme this morning. After lunch I decided to try it out. I could not get the unit to play at first, but the instructions did NOT mention to push AND hold onto the power button until a blue light comes on in the set of 4 power indicator buttons. Phew, I was glad that I figured this out as I thought it was defective.

A Barbra Streisand song was playing on my iPod, and the sound that came out of it was beautiful. I even got my husband's attention. He came into the kitchen from the dining room where he was still eating lunch. EVEN HE WAS IMPRESSED. He asked me how much I paid for it, and he was okay with the price. We put on our winter coats and tried it briefly in the garage and outside, and we were still impressed.

The reasons I tried this unit are:
- convenient size: easy to pack and bring along
- light weight: this makes it easy to bring along
- handle: this makes it very easy to carry
- AC outlet versus AUX outlet: they do look the same, as noted by a previous reviewer, but they are identified on the silicone covers for these outlets
- rugged build: I still have to evaluate this in the future when we bring it to the beach, camping, etc... when the weather is warmer.
- power failure: I am thinking that it would be good to have this already charged, and then you can still play your music for entertainment, charge a phone, etc, if the power goes out
- solar panels: I have not seen this feature in any other speaker, and I thought that it was a good idea. I still have to evaluate this, but solar calculators have never steered me wrong, so why not try a speaker?

I do not want to mislead. The sound is not as rich as big 50watt Harmon Kardon speakers in the house OR the Fisher boombox that we use in our backyard, but the sound is quite acceptable. The many features of the unit make this a very convenient item to have for those outdoor adventures when you want to have your music, but a 600 foot extension cord is not possible.

A suivre

Feb 17, 2016:
I have discovered some great uses for this speaker:
1) I can now play music while having a shower
2) I won an RCA 32" TV just recently, and the audio is VERY tinny. I plugged in this speaker (with my husband's help), and it is 100% IMPROVED!!!
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on July 31, 2015
The Eton rukus xtreme is an amazing device. Eton listened read all the reviews of the smaller rugged rukus and addressed every shortcoming. The only mistake they made was they changed the ac charging from micro USB to wall wart. I have no idea why because it must be less expensive to supply a USB cable and micro USB charging is a great feature. The world is full of USB ports to get power from and micro USB cable are cheap and everywhere. But other than the ac charging its a great device. Sounds better than my Bose speaker. Easy to carry. Water resistant. Good battery life and charges in the sun with its built in solar panel. I travel a lot and it's always with me.
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on June 26, 2015
Surprising sound, although quite directional, perfect size for on the boat, back deck or at the campsite. Battery life seems good, and also seems almost unlimited if it's in the sun. pairs easily, and even talks to you. price is high but for the feel/quality/sound/solar charging it can't be beat
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on June 26, 2016
Worked just the way I expected. Sound wuality is excellent and the solar power feature has not let down. Always lots of power remaining in the battery azgter prolonged us in the sun and shade.
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on October 16, 2016
I am amazed on the sound that comes from this, battery really lasts (likely because of the solar feature). Completely recommend this speaker !
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on September 12, 2016
Great quality sound, it charges your phone quickly, the battery of the speaker lasts quite a while.
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on February 11, 2017
Bluetooth pairing was quick and simple. Sound quality is excellent for such a compact device.
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on December 22, 2016
first unit had some battery issues but replacement unit still working fine
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on May 29, 2016
This stereo is horrible. It will not gain a charge in the sun.
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