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** UPDATED March, 29, 2016 **

Review of the Epson workforce 3640:

Price: 129$ (on sale).

The 3640 is a larger two internal paper tray, more menu options version of the 3620 model, uses the same T252 ink cartridges.


Fairly compact size, fast printing, very good photo quality, can use XL and XXL size ink cartridges to save on ink costs, wi-fi and LAN setup was quick and worked with apple and android hardware, Epson software drivers support by older and newer OS's, fax and other com options easy to understand, Scan or copy to SD or USB drive is quick and reliable, 2 internal paper trays supporting upto legal (8.5x14) paper and as small as 3" labels in the back external paper tray, decent touch screen that is resistant to finger prints.
No included usb printer cable, installation & warranty registration manual not very good, ADF instructions very confusing for two sided copying, Starter inkjet cartridges with very little ink included (only 4 8.5x11 photos printed out of the starter cartridges), Confusing paper source & type conflicts (explained below), SD or usb drive reader to comptuer very slow, lastly costly regular size ink cartridges.

Good printer with good output and it's quick.

Paper selection problems: Which are not really a problem just an inconvenience, where you place photo paper in the tray and the printer has those draws set to plain paper , you have to tap YES on the printers touch screen to accept. It will still print to the photo paper in the tray as photo paper so you don't actually have a problem.

If you are looking to buy ink you should go for the XL cartridges. Looking around i found that if you are going to get ink and that all your colours are running low at once that you shop around for kits of epson ink (all 4 colours, CYMK) in one pack, these are generally twenty or so dollars less costly than buying the cartridges individually. Black (K) is the color that is most often used so getting an XL or XXL black cartridge by itself makes sense.

The last surprise Epson has in this printer is the maintenance or waste ink box that has a counter microchip similar to those on the ink cartridges. The WIC or waste ink container has a limited lifespan or profit margin for Epson. Once the waste ink counter reaches it's limit even if the waste ink box is only 1/4 full of actual waste ink the printer shuts down and you can't get it back until you replace the waste ink box with a new one.

The Epson OEM ink is the pigment type and it needs to be cleaned much more often than dye base ink or it will crust up a clog the print heads. Pigment ink has a longer fade resistance than dye based inks, however if prints are to be used daily such as in a catalogue binder then dye based ink is best as it won't scratch like OEM pigment ink and inside a binder dye ink will last as long or longer than pigment based ink.

Lastly or in conclusion: I don't recommend using the epson connect update service. There have been reports of unstable firmware updates that cause unreliable ink level detection that end up costing you a-lot of money.
Adendum: Here are a few tips for generic or aftermarket ink cartridges as i have noticed that some people have problems with them.

A: Sometimes you will get a "not genuine epson ink" on your computer screen even after it has been installed for a while. Ignore the computer screen and just answer YES you are sure to use this ink ++on the printers touch screen++, if you use the cancel or accept on the computer screen pop up message it will mess up your print. If done on the printer itself the print will continue where it left off. When you use the epson prints touch screen to clear the error it sends a signal to the computer that the error is fixed and you avoid printing problems. Also make certain that you properly insert the cartridges into the printer and the microchips on the ink cartridges are clean . Even the original epson cartridges will give "not original" if they don't have proper contact to the print head. In most cases a space the thickness of a sheet of paper is what prevents the ink cartridge chips from contacting the print head.

B: The second message is "unable to recognize ink cartridge" As silly as this sounds this actually also means that the ink cartridge is empty. Yeah i know they could have just said "empty".

C: Don't update your epson printer's firmware.

I use orignal epson ink myself but i run these printers a-lot so i can say that the OEM Epson ink isn't that great unless you are printing a-lot and leaving the printer off for about a day will often clog the print heads.

This is an adendum for just over a year of use. Both of my 3640 printers burnt out the print heads in just over a year and that included about 1300 regular copies and 50 or so 8.5x11 photos. I wouldn't give this a good rating especially for the cost of the ink. Epson won't even answer me on the phone or email, so that's not good. When compared to older epson's or even my canon ip3000 which had exponentially more printouts before it gave out, not to mention much less ink cost. I decided to get a decent colour laser printer and brother inkjet printer and if you know how to properly work just about any graphics program similar to photoshop then it's possible to get as good as inkjet in photo quality.

The new eco tank CIS epson printers (ex epson et-4550) i noticed have the print head communication cables sealed HOWEVER they are insanely over priced.

March 29, 2016. Since i got up this morning i check on this 3640 a half dozen times and i seen prices from 99$ to 211$ in a peroid of about 4 hours. Once it was 141$ free shipping then it was down to 121$+ 41$ shipping, now it's 211$ + free shipping. There is no way prices fluctuate like that. I was going to buy one for the office but they lost my interest with these pricing games. Looks like epson has adopted "the price is right" game show routine of rigging prices.

At the moment Brother is leading the inkjet market as far as printer and ink cost. While not as quick as epson or canon printers, the wifi and other printer features are roughly equal. Even if the Brother tech support isn't all that good, the general oem and generic ink and printer cost makes it much easier to take if it's breaks down. Many of the Brother printers are using Dye based ink so that's a good thing.
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on March 9, 2015
It's likely a sign of the times, but it is very frustrating that I am forced to pay for "genuine" Epson printer ink that is very expensive rather than buy competitive after market ink. The printer recognizes that the ink is not from Epson and sabotages my printing. Currently it has stopped printing in black, which is the ink cartridge that is not Epson. I have no problem buying Epson ink but do not like to pay exorbitant amounts for it when clearly other companies can produce the same small piece of plastic housing and ink inside for much cheaper. Also, I expected a warning that Epson ink is preferred, but now in fact I am essentially locked out of my printing ability and can't get any work done here. Not fair. I bought the printer... not the ink. To add insult to injury, the machine won't even let me take out the ink to replace it with Epson ink because it's not empty so does not recognize that there is a problem... go figure!

I realize that all the companies provide basement prices on printers so that they can make millions on the ink needed to run the printers. Much like cars now make money on the service they force us into to maintain warranties. I just find it insulting at the core level to control me to this extent.

Other areas for review? Pros: It prints very well (when it allows me to). It also detects photo paper and is very reluctant to allow me to print on other paper (I had no Epson photo paper in the house and boy did I feel guilty!) but again, machines programmed to control humans. My first impression of it was that it was rattly sitting on my desk near my ear. It sounded flimsy. As other reviewers have also commented, the wifi did not work for me and the printer did weird things until I reloaded the software as "wired" and plugged it in. That could be a major flaw for some who are depending on wireless but it didn't matter for me as it's dedicated to one computer in my home office.

Besides the rattle and wifi, if I used genuine Epson ink I suppose I would be very happy with the printing itself (love that it does two-sided) but the control issue it has shakes me to the core. I imagine new Canons are the same nowadays, but I was debating this printer or a Canon and I would rather be mad at Canon as it has given me excellent printing in the past in the days when things we bought did not lock us out of using them when we don't behave. Lesson learned: Just like marriage, when you marry the partner (printer) you marry the family (ink). Nowadays take great heed to what the manufacturer's ink will cost you because it won't be an option. There will be an Epson gun to your head.

UPDATE: October, 2015. I've had this printer for a while now and need to mention that I have been using exclusively Epson genuine ink but I find that it in fact does NOT print with professional quality now, even if I clean the print heads. I use this printer for work and I am embarrassed to bring my documents to my clients because they are not clear. I also often have to print several times to get a reasonably clear document, wasting a lot of paper and ink. I remain unsatisfied, and will downgrade this printer further from a 2 to a 1. I think that if you print often nozzles may stay clear and moist but for my amount of use it is not efficient.
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on May 13, 2015
WE just bought it and so far so good - very happy with it. It actually does auto TRAY SELECT between legal and letter - the HP could not that and we had to return it. This one was half the cost and performs much better than the HP 4600 series. We are keeping it for our office - even if we upgrade it is a good little backup to have. The separate envelope feeder is really nice too -you do not have to empty the paper trays to print an envelope.
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on November 9, 2014
Efficient machine, a little noisier than my previous B&W laser. Colour is beautiful. Replacement ink cartridges a tad expensive.
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on November 8, 2015
Bought this a week ago from Staples. It replaces a Canon MX882 that we've had for 3 or 4 years and just broke. I'm generally happy with it but have a couple of issues: the default print can be very light (readable but should be darker, maybe this is to save ink / increase yield) and it's quite noisy (it sits in a common room with a TV and desk and we couldn't ignore the clunk clunk clunk as it got ready to print, or after turning on). There are solutions that have worked well enough for us (we increased the print density to 0% and we now print in quiet mode). I also notice that there's some difference in print darkness and clarity depending upon which browser I print from - IE and Firefox print more clearly than Chrome. However, printing via the IE E-Web Print function resulted in blurry text (admittedly only tried this a few times but got the same result each time). Printing from Thunderbird and Openoffice are nice and clear. I wound up with two printers in my Windows printer list - WF-3640 Series (Network) and EPSON4BCE6C (WF-3460 Series). I don't know why it's there but I think the 2nd one is for the Web printing.

Love the two trays, and love the projected 1100 pages from the high yield inks; I hope that proves to be true.

My MX882 often dropped from the network (tried both wired and wireless/wifi). Haven't seen this problem yet with this printer (only tried wireless/wifi so far).
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on September 3, 2015
I like this printer but I have found getting all the settings correct for duplex printing, between the Windows 10 settings and the printer's settings, to be a challenge. I still have not mastered this problem. Other than this I am pleased with the product and the service received.
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on May 13, 2015
Excellent choice. Once installed, it performed like a lazer printer with colour and is very fast.
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on April 17, 2016
Absolutely love the double paged printing this does! The dual paged scanning takes quite a bit of time, but I find that if you're doing more than 5 pages, it gets faster each time. The wireless printing is also amazing! I love the features of this printer and it can also clean itself when rendered. The set up took a lot of time, I ended up having issues with the filling up the cassettes, apparently you needed to fill up cassette 2 instead of 1, so I spent an hour trying to figure out what was going on, because they don't tell you anything!! Anyway, I find that when the ink is running low they also don't tell you, so when you print and the page comes out looking white, that means you have to replace the cartridge based on the supply levels (which can be inaccurate). Buy your ink on amazon as well, as they are ridiculously overpriced in stores!
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on February 26, 2015
This is really an awesome printer. The quality is outstanding - the best from any printer that I have ever had. The two trays give me the flexibility to print both letters and envelopes. The duplex ADF (which can be hard to find in a home printer) makes copying and scanning double-sided documents very easy. I haven't had any problems with the wireless connection.

I only have two slight complaints. First, the setup program was only in English. An option for French would have been nice. Second, adjusting the paper sizes in the trays can be a little tricky, as the location of the size adjusters make you put your hands further inside the tray than most printers.

In summary: This is an excellent printer, by far the best I have ever owned!
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on July 17, 2016
Great value for the money and works well [once I get everything figured out] ; however, I have to clean the ink jets often which I didn't have to do with my other Epson. This could be the ink that comes with it [ old perhaps ?] so I will wait until I try new ink before I complain; cleaning jets very easy with the push of a button although it uses up ink with each cleaning.
Setup would be easy for my grandson but very time consuming for me especially since this one is wireless and my last one wasn't ; I like the good old days of receiving a written set up manual instead of getting instructions off the computer but Epson tech people very fast to reply to my email questions although they probably have had a few chuckles from them.
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