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on October 26, 2016
This laptop is the closest you can get to a Macbook Air without the Macbook Air price tag, and that's a good thing.

TL;DR: Premium build quality, interesting "plum" colour, mediocre keyboard and touch pad.
Everything about this laptop screams "premium". It is built of a sturdy aluminum with a very nice spiral finish on the lid and a soft matte finish on the bottom and inside. Something that the product pictures don't show is the slight purplish hue that you can see in certain light. This suprised me when I first unboxed the product, but the colour has definitely grown on me. I would describe it as a "plum" colour. The laptop is also extremely light, while still managing to feel as solid as a rock. Where it falls a little short is the keyboard. I didn't expect a lot from this laptop because of how thin it is, but the keyboard just isn't that great. It has a very short travel distance, so there is no room for a nice "click". Another minor detail to take note of is the power button, which is in the top left of the keyboard. I'd much prefer the power button to be off and away from the keyboard.The track pad is also just okay, with a some skipping and other tracking issues ever once in a while.

SCREEN: 10/10
TL;DR: Clear, sharp, bright, and beautiful. Easy to view outdoors. Not recommended for colour accurate work though.
I love the screen. The 1920x1080 resolution is perfect for a screen this size, and it is plenty bright enough for any situation. The matte screen also helps when outdoors in direct sunlight. It is also very sharp, making text a pleasure to look at, and the colours are vibrant, with good contrast. Although the colours are pleasing to look at, they are not accurate, so I would not recommend this for doing colour-sensitive work.

AUDIO: 7/10
TL;DR: Speakers get loud, but at max volumes they start to get tinny and distorted.
This is where the ZenBook lacks the most in this area, again, due to it's small size. The speakers face downwards, so the sound quality depends a lot on the surface that it is sitting on, but no matter what, you wont be getting great sound out of this laptop. They can get loud enough for most of my needs, but when you push them to the max volumes, they start to sound tinny and cheap. THere is only so much that Asus could do with a laptop this thin, but Apple has been making great speakers on their Macbooks for years.

TL;DR: In a package this thin and cheap, it was more than expected. Performs basic tasks without a hitch, and does things like photo-editing decently also. Not for gaming or video production. Battery life is awesome!
For most people, this is everything you need. The thing that blew me away was how fast the storage was. The Zenbook boots up in 15 seconds, and can open large programs like Photoshop faster than I have ever seen. Copying files and installing programs are also incredibly fast. The CPU is only a mobile processor, so it won't run any heavy stuff, and you definitely can't game on it, but I am willing to let that go because of the battery life you get in return. This thing lasts for at least 7 hours on medium-high brightness, doing everyday things like checking emails, streaming 1080p video, and some word processing.It feels like I never have to plug my laptop in! The laptop is also silent, because there are no fans. Don't let that scare you though, because this laptop never feels hot to the touch. It can get warm, but the area where your palms sit doesn't heat up, so I don't find myself with sweaty hands.

Overall, this laptop is for anybody who wants a thin and light laptop with decent performance, great battery life, an awesome screen, and is willing to forget about the little things like mediocre keyboard and trackpad, and the cheap-sounding speakers. And the best part is, you don't have to pay a fortune for it!
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on November 13, 2016
this is not because I don't like the product, this is because I have reason to believe that even though it was new, it may have been faulty or tampered with. The battery life all of a sudden dropped to 2 hours if I'm lucky and ive have it 3 months.
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on November 11, 2015
I purchased mine elsewhere as Amazon Canada didn't yet have it when I bought.

It's a small laptop based on the latest Skylake processor technology from Intel, though make sure you're buying the UX305CA with emphasis on the CA at the end. Older models have an almost identical model number also starting with UX305xA and people are still clearing those out as of Fall 2015.

It's incredibly thin, good build quality (Asus is one of the best quality laptop OEMs with decent aesthetic design and a very competitive price), good battery life, very fast if you consider the processor (see below), and a nice full HD (1080p) display. No fan, so it's extremely quiet, and a high-end solid-state drive.

What's not to like?

Well, it has an Intel m3 processor that is designed primarily for tablets. There's nothing whatsoever wrong with this; it makes for a great lightweight laptop with no moving parts (no fan) that's exceedingly quiet. However, this does make it very poorly suited to any heavily compute or GPU oriented task.

The screen, while quite nice, is not a touchscreen. This has the plus of no messy fingerprints, and the laptop's great trackpad works well with the (included) Windows 10 OS. If you want a touchscreen, obviously, then skip this exact model.

The solid state drive -- SSD -- while extremely fast (likely faster even than the SSD in your PC unless you've a very new high end PC) is only 256 GB. For most people this is fine, but keep in mind even budget computers of several years ago were routinely getting 300-500GB physical HDDs.

Like many newer machines, this is so thin it can't physically fit an RJ-45 wired ethernet port. (Asus supplied mine with a USB to ethernet dongle). Not a huge problem, as the included 802.11ac (also supports older 802.11n) wireless gets you quite nice speeds. Again, a wired port was a common feature on even lower end machines of a few years ago, and having a dongle is a bit of an irritant, but compared to the incredibly thin and sleek machine this is, not a great worry.

The keyboard, while quite a respectable size for a ~13.3" device, is not backlit. Not an issue for me; might be for you. While laptop keyboards are not going to compete with the best, I find this one has a reasonable feel.

Finally, it has USB 3 ports (one is good for rapidly charging current phones and tablets). These are fine, even preferable, for the moment, but the newer USB 3.1 with type C interface will gradually start to at least partially supplant USB 3 in the next several years. Be aware that you may end up feeling you've got a slightly antiquated set of interface ports several years down the road. This doesn't bother me since I consider the general excellence of the machine to be worth that tradeoff, but others may not feel that way.

Overall, this is a great laptop for writing, handling emails, browsing the web, watching videos and handling light office-software type duties from spreadsheets to presentations. If you want to edit photos or videos, or play games, it can only handle those sorts of tasks at an extremely rudimentary and basic level.

This is a fantastic choice for many business people, writers, and anyone who wants something elegant, thin, and light that isn't from Apple or Microsoft. It's a poor choice for gamers, or (say) engineering students needing to run CAD software or powerful number-crunching.
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on January 2, 2016
Ok.. If you are a Windows 10 user, then basically this is THE perfect laptop/ultrabook. Absolutely no complaints. Lightning fast, beautiful, sturdy, lightweight, super thin, and has all the ports you need and then some.

But if you are a linux user (because Windows is a crock of sh*t), thats were there is a big problem. The previous Asus Zenbook UX305FA was known to work well with many linux distros, but the UX305CA has a big issue (presumably due to the newer Intel Core-M3 chipset)... The touchpad does not work with ANY linux distro. You can use a usb mouse, but the touchpad will not work. This bug is currently being worked, but it will take some time for a patch and/or updated kernel to become available.

Im running Kubuntu 14.04 kernel 3.19, and after some graphics tweaking, its super awesome (other than the touchpad issue).\

EDIT: There is a bug fix for the touchpad issue available. You need to run a patched kernel (google it). Im running a compiled patched kernel 4.4.0-rc8 at the moment, and it fixed the touchpad issue. Thanks to the makers of the patched kernel :D
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on October 1, 2016
Wonderful piece of hardware. Bought in June at Best Buy.

- Very light and easy to simply pick up with one hand and use. Despite its weight, it feels very sturdy.
- Battery life is more than sufficient. I can easily get 6-7 hours of use before the power saving feature kicks in, which gives me plenty of time to finally plug the damn thing in. (I admit, I'm lazy!)
- SSD instead of a HDD, which means this guy is lightning fast on boot and in use. Probably the most worthwhile laptop purchase if you absolutely want to benefit from an SSD without spending too much money.
- Touchpad gestures are super useful, and the ones you don't want can be disabled.
- ZERO noise or heat when doing anything other than gaming, which is absolutely wonderful.

- Audio is noticeably lacking. Volume is pretty low out of the box, but if you're on Windows you can tinker with the settings to get it to an acceptable level. Still, it was disappointing.
- Mini-HDMI port means you'll very likely have to purchase an adaptor if you wish to extend your screen. Got mine for $7 I believe. Can be hard to find since nobody uses it.
- Keys are appropriately sized, although the function keys are a little on the small side. If you're a keen user of the delete button, you may hit the power button often.
- If you're planning to swap or multiboot with Linux, etc, be advised that I have never gotten the BIOS to let me to boot from USB. Sure fire way is to use an external CD player.

If it stands the test of time, this will have been the best laptop I have ever purchased.
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on November 29, 2016
This laptop is perfect for what i use it for. It runs almost all the software i need for school (engineering - i haven't been able to install AutoCAD) it's cute, it's VERY lightweight and it's quick. I have even been able to run some games i enjoy on it! I would reccomend it - ASUS has been a very good laptop brand for me. I use this laptop as often as I use my more advanced gaming laptop (also Asus!)
This laptop is high quality, as the same specs as a decent mac and is very affordable.
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on May 21, 2016
-Light and Thin but Sturdy
-Completely Silent
-Great Screen Quality
-Gleat keyboard ( but would have liked a backlight )
-Surprisingly cool when under load
-Would have liked an ethernet port ( but not a great deal )
-Speakers are not loud ( but it is normal )
-Scaling issues ( text was really small at first while icons were really big, but managed to mostly fix the problem )
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on April 22, 2016
Great laptop for the price. I would put 5 stars if it had better audio (which is good quality but quite low, it can barely fill a small room), keyboard backlight and had the software well installed.

I bought a Amazon Warehouse deal, and not sure if because of that, but Windows become badly installed. The touchpad didn't worked and it came with Windows 8.1 when the description said Windows 10. I used an external mouse and patience to install Windows 10 and then all problems were solved. But it's a shame that a PC cannot have the software properly installed!!! Most customers will just return the laptop in that case.

The laptop is very light and thin, the performance is very good for something that doesn't require active cooling and the screen is also quite nice (1080p). The touch pad works great in Windows 10 contrary to some reviews that I've seen. The keyboard is almost as good as apple keyboards, it's missing backlight and a bit more travel for the keys.
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on February 4, 2016
It's fast, and I like the compact nature of the laptop. The only thing that I've found is the driver stalls a lot for a few moments at a time. Doesn't last long so not sure why that happens. The only other thing that I would change is having the two buttons on the pad separated. It's easier to know then where I need to "click." Other than that I'm really enjoying it so far for the needs that I have.
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on September 7, 2016
I bought this laptop for school and it is fantastic. It was a bit pricey for a student but well worth the money. As I opened the box I had imagine a smaller than normal laptop but I was blown away by how slim and light it is. I believe it may actually be slimmer and lighter than my iPad. It is fast and responsive and I love the color. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a highly portable computer.
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