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February 13, 2015
“<b>Tempest In The Tea Leaves</b>” is a new series I’ve savoured; expecting.... my cup of tea. I love a fortune-teller buying a house she adores and establishing a special career. I’m willing to wave away the cliché of attraction with the reigning town cop. Indeed, a psychic needn’t be an elderly foreigner in hoop earrings. However <i>‘Sunny’</i> does not carry the mature, composed demeanour of this discipline. The aura of wonderment and enticement are missing.

It’s all right that she’s young and determined but her spunk is too argumentative for my taste. All scenes with her parents ruin the ethereal atmosphere we want in books like these. For their part, they stretch too far in the direction of snobby stereotypes. You would think their sole child’s talents would have long been validated in front of them. It may well be me groaning but I found it unlikely and irritating that she stood on someone’s feet during a kiss! It wasn’t a one-time silly moment; it’s twice! Who does that!? I’m not even excited about the angle of an unexplained cat, even though felines are my passion, because it makes no sense my interest can latch onto. That’s saying a lot. He isn’t a ghost but he vanishes and doesn’t drink or eat. It would have sufficed to adopt this dependable, strong-willed cat, minus the bizarre factor.

I enjoy the setting and plot ideas surrounding this series. I eagerly credit originality. The mystery itself was excellent and poignant, too. You want the outcome and people involved to matter. The reader is off-guard and entertained by the plot itself, which succeeds at being complex. I’d have liked more psychic activity, which I heard is in greater drought in volume II. I don’t like this protagonist enough, without an abundance of magical components.
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