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October 2, 2017
There are warm and beautiful traits about “<b>A Northern Nativity</b>”, 1976, that I treasure. The way we approach spirituality varies widely; no matter if it is religious-based, or directly spiritual. <b>William Kurelek</b> drew a universally harmonious story about Jesus representing any person, in any walk of life, which makes his book special and meaningful. However an antiquated idea, of not deserving a relationship with Jesus unless we grovel, brought the harmony and peace down a notch. That explains a four-star grade. The main message impressed me with how broad it is; separate from the artist's talent for putting faces and places to this theme with inspiring, emotional, colour drawings.

The author was at liberty to depict the path to his spirituality but his principal point resonated with me. The vehicle for <b>William's</b> story is himself as a twelve year-old, on farms between Alberta and Manitoba. He dreamed the kinds of people and places he knew into the nativity story. The local touch for me is the most precious trait but I love the broad creativity of attributes overall. <b>William</b> surpasses the adage that skin doesn't matter. Among twenty miniature nativity re-enactments there is a black, Inuit, and Aboriginal holy family but local flavour and life situations are much more tangible.

Drawing from a time he remembered, <b>William</b> featured 1930s labourers needing work or shelter: a construction office, wharf, train boxcars, a ranch, an island church.... He furnished a gratifyingly complete portrait across all of Canada's provinces but in a personal way that would touch any reader profoundly. Mary is especially poignant in a stalled car. Joseph is at the hood as a trucker approaches with a toolbox to offer help. Every being needs a hand once in a while. It is moving to remind ourselves that people eagerly give it.
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