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July 3, 2012
Reaction to my Audrey Thomas exposure I regret, is false advertising! We're invited with a foreboding picture of a ship and enticing quote from the protagonist's mother: "I saw something as a child". Please know I'm a generous reviewer when I warn delivery fails. It's like Shyamalan trailers depicting cool scenes but the films drag. The effort Ms. Thomas went to, laying out a multi-generational history, is unusually extensive and can be appreciated. However it was too heavy against lack of action in the story and hampered progress. The spotlight was seldom on the boat ride to England that was to be the main thread! I did not retain whether the protagonist found out what she wished to research there!

Heritage was not only excessive, it expanded in every chapter and from the angle of numerous family members. Flipping between timelines for herself and even a best friend, did not let up. The overdose of detail might have worked if the story flowed in order but all of these stylistic aspects became too much. The tantalizing quote was untouched until the end, cheating those who painstakingly stuck everything out! There was no expansion on the parts you wanted to hear about. What the mother at last revealed would be far more interesting to investigate and rewarding for the mother. This seems to be an author of great repute but the manuscript should have been edited and rearranged.
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