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June 30, 2013
I admire Eric Wilson's body of work. The patriotism in visiting and researching all our provinces gives me pride in the spectrum of his adventures. He was a school teacher who wanted to give kids exciting material, the way the 1930s introduced `Nancy Drew' by Mildred A Wirt. I far prefer Liz Austen to her brother. One can't tell from the synopsis of "Spirit In The Rainforest" that she only appears near the end.

A form of false advertising that occurs with innumerable authors, is touting ethereal components to attract a reader. But they compose no such thing within. Eric sir, please consider that choosers of titles bearing "spirit" or "ghost of", are indeed seeking paranormal content! In fiction, you can most certainly fabricate this realm of excitement and can raise stories beyond "reasonable explanations" in their endings. Even the physical, much-pondered personage `Mosquito Joe' had no meeting with this cast of characters. I'll also admit, here is a writer keen on the "have got" verb use that happens to make me cringe. Perhaps there is a grammatical defence of this widespread habit. But "got" should solely be past tense of "get". "We HAVE an idea" should suffice. It is a personal distaste that gets under my skin.

I recommend that authors watch for repetition. Eric engages our senses, pleasant testimony that he's stood upon this soil. After several novels one notes that he frequently uses "pound", "into the night", and objects always "gleam in the sun". Writers might share other adjectives for an ocean surf, or a whale's sleek form. I give no fewer than 3 stars because the ecological education here is fantastic. He isn't preaching condescendingly. He manages to show by example, why forests and oceans come before dollars. We learn that children too, can protect them.
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