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July 14, 2012
When I considered this book, I noticed a complaint about it being short. I searched locally in the west and hit the jackpot. Broadly tasting Nova Scotia's regions as diverse as countries, is exactly what I wanted. I enjoyed every passage and disagree with the comment that low detail means lazy research. To the contrary Darryll Walsh has been painstakingly thorough like Dr. Helen Creighton, Edith Fowke, and Clary Croft who save tiny regional heritage from being lost to us! History is always at risk of being watered down by the tide of time. Paranormal events are scoffed as they occur, though as valid as any other records. That reports are included here even with one sentence of information, is a commendable undertaking that elicits my gratitude.

Darryll is a PhD researcher, preserving details gleaned by others as well as consulting sources himself. Photographs and Canadian Tire retail store references are clearly from present day. He learned a favourite restaurant is haunted and also incorporated a few family experiences. The tone of this book is mostly historical with a summary of explorers and how this province was founded. Again brevity benefits the reader because the heritage is easily understood and well retained, for such a unique geographical jewel.

"Ghosts Of Nova Scotia" is laid out by county district, then sorts supernatural accounts by town. Well-known mysteries are expanded upon generously. It would be so easy to drop scarcely recalled or poorly understood threads. I can't assert strongly enough, the service Darryll does to Canada by writing down what's left of these too.
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4.2 out of 5 stars