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July 14, 2012
I'm concerned about people's heavy home-sticking to 'young adult' novels. But there are timeless gems I like, even if I was 4 when this came out. ;) I didn't recall anything except the title and unusual synopsis. I found it again and urge today's youth not to miss out!

The year is 1914 but other than adults threatening corporal punishment, characters don't feel outdated. We're drawn into a multi-layered story where 'Blossom' and her fortune-telling mother are dirt poor. She is quick-witted, stands up to bullies, and determines to prevent a few crimes. We progress from 'young sleuth' to an eerier vibe as she befriends the town's eccentric and develops extra-sensory ability of her own. The elder friend and a schoolmate stand by Blossom through manifestations of unsettling phenomenon.

The wealthy lady is a fan of British royalty. She takes Blossom and the boy to England by ship, after a bizarre psychic occurrence captures international attention. There Richard Peck weaves highly original scenes, with mischief and humour. The story stays with you long after it finishes. It's a masterpiece on its own but I discovered there was a prequel: "The Ghost Belonged To Me". Blossom appears in sequels too. Locating them will be a fun quest!
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4.5 out of 5 stars