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October 22, 2018
“<b>Mysterious Brockville</b>”, 2000, accompanies ghost walks that <b>Nancy Wickwire Fraser</b> started in 1997. Her introduction discusses hauntings but had me doubting how enthralled I would be. She cited a dictionary definition! I do not know Brockville but Ontario is a nearby, albeit wide province, that I love visiting annually. After a few stories without spiritual content, I rechecked the title. Ah, SOME are ghost stories. Alas, we all relate: once a foundation is shaken, however briefly; we are wary thereafter.

Some of the benign points of interest sounded too lacking in dynamic attributes or activity, that I questioned their inclusion in an ethereal-themed compilation. I do not doubt that in-person visitors would enjoy their histories far more readily. We hit the bottom of the barrel and reach of my believability, with the first so-called ghost anecdote. I can tell it here. A wine cellar had a gate locked around it. Their woo-woo conclusion was finding an expensive bottle smashed, when only two people had a key. That’s it! Anyone could trip, jolt a wall....

One story is merely that Indian caves were discovered. And....? That is a great archaeology find. I would love to see them but that does not make hoopla for a book. There were great testimonies about personal spirit sightings, which may have led the right tone. I felt even they were dimmed by a notation that those experiences appeared in previous books. Why tell readers that? <b>Nancy</b> could own Brockville lore and interview relatives. The most original paranormal book I have ever seen, deriving as directly from its author as possible, needs to be far better-known and reprinted. Please look-up <i>Lois Forsberg</i>. <b>Nancy</b> could seek new lore from her townspeople. Visit those locations and relate how she felt there, like <i>Leslie Rule</i> does; my second-favourite compiler.
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