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July 20, 2015
An enthralling journey through ‘The Crooked Roads through Cedar Grove’
Rob last novel is bringing to the reader’s mind a spiral of thoughts, making him reflect strongly on the society, family, friendship, bonds and trust. While reading, the story made me go through tons of emotions such as, sadness, anger, fright, hope… Since the start, I've been hooked to this novel and its well developed and powerful characters. Watts has created here something like a whole universe within the small town of Cedar Grove. Surrounded by a dark and somewhat eerie feel, the town unveils as the reader is pierced by an uneasiness that grows stronger as the nightmarish tale is slowly revealed. It soon become almost impossible to put down the book and each time you think ‘Ah, I finally get it’; Watts' story is shamelessly taking a new turn, never stopping there. The unexpected turn of events toward the end made me want to read it through all over again, right after I was finished with my first read. I needed to understand more, discover more… the newly born hunger was almost unbearable. For me, the book was even more interesting to read the second time through. This is truly the time where it is allowed to shine a second time in an even brighter way, and where the reader can truly appreciate the magic of Rob’s writing as the story unfolds its dark secrets again, slowly, skillfully and effectively. The level of mistrust, and doubt between the characters and the quality of storytelling kept the tension high the whole way through, masterfully leaving the tale without a single dull moment. Rob Watts skillfully kneads together the string of fate of all his characters, leaving the reader with an unstoppable hunger for more. I would love to see and certainly hope for a continuation of the dark saga of Cedar Grove in the near future. This is one exquisitely well written book, well worth analysing, reflecting upon and reading through, even multiple times. Buy it, and enjoy your free ride in this boat without oars.
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5.0 out of 5 stars