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September 5, 2014
I crave paranormal mysteries in modern, adult literature and realistic heroines of a young, vibrant forty. Even more so than in the previous novel, "Murder On The House" fixes the right atmosphere for old era ghosts. It doesn't have the deranged quality we saw last. Better: we are treated to a classic haunting; a dose of paranormal activity revved up to a notch that Juliet Blackwell hasn't attempted before! Her boutique witch series is highly mystical but its entities tend to be gargoyles or demons; angles I dislike. This home renovation project thrusts such direct spiritual encounters onto the pages, Mel Turner's newfound perception isn't required! Other than seeing and hearing an inhabitant from the past; the trademark atmosphere, like inexplicably locked doors and toys tumbling down a staircase, are in clear evidence to Mel's friends.

She and another firm are invited as overnight guests, in a peculiar competition for this lucrative job. Modern elements contribute to this mystery a great deal. The other general contractor vanishes, during a sad murder that stretches the arm of culpability to additional parties. His uncle is odd - founder of their company, the estate gardener is odd and has long been coasting on favours. But present day crime tends to be of least interest to me. What absorbed me is the mystery of the original inhabitants. A whole family died and there was a feud with a neighbouring manor, regarding water rights.

Juliet has become one of my favourite living authors and got an easy five stars out of me. I'm beseeching authors until a change is evident: ethereal, non-vampire literature for adults is too scarce. The authors providing it, spoil the effect by turning to comedy. This time, surroundings are charged with a freaky electricity that makes us shudder and danger too!
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