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Reviewed in Canada on April 29, 2013
In this superbly clarifying and intellectually hard-hitting essay Barry Linetsky soundly demolishes the determinist attack on free-will.
He also upholds a scientific methodology consistent with a view of causality that embraces volition as a special case.
Given a determinist mindset, it is hard to see how a field can progress when scientists see black boxes at every point where their knowledge ends. Cognitive scientists deserve better epistemological guidance and it is available.
As Barry Linetsky shows with his Objectivist perspective, it's another case where Ayn Rand was there decades ago.
Thus for example, when brain scientists observe activity in our brains before we are consciously aware of content, it is a mistake to take this as evidence supporting determinism. There are scientific explanations consonant with volition to be discovered ( such as products of the subconscious mind ).

Anyways, I do hope Barry's essay provokes discussion and gets the ample respect it deserves.
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