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Atmos Speakers

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"Five Stars" - by Amazon Customer
Great addition to my pioneer system. Edward Jones did it again!

"Great little speakers they work fantastic" - by Amazon Customer
Great little speakers they work fantastic

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"... SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones speakers work well and sound very good. The speakers are larger than I thought they ..." - by Amazon Customer
The SP-BS22A-LR Andrew Jones speakers work well and sound very good. The speakers are larger than I thought they would be considering they are bookshelf speakers. Saying that they do have two individual inputs and 3 speakers.They stand 14 inches tall by 7 inches wide. They do sound good in surround sound while watching movies on blue ray in dolby 5.1.

"Very decent entry-level or small space system." - by Rick G. (Canada)
As an entry-level system this was my choice because it includes everything I needed to get my home theatre audio system all in one shot, without compromising too much in sound quality. The receiver that comes with this kit is pretty good, and the sound is full and has good bass. Music sounds okay but this system really works best for home theatre applications.

The top-firing dolby atmos speakers seem to make helicopters seem like they are flying overhead in movies, while the rear channels provide decent directional sound.

I installed the speakers on the wall with some swivelling mounts to get them aimed just right and I used the included calibration microphone to run the automatic speaker calibration. The results are realistic sound that isn't too loud and works great in a small to moderate size living room.

All that being said, I ... full review

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"Four Stars" - by william
The sound is good and installation is easy.

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"Good value" - by twistcat
Better overall than other brand name speakers I recently bought at 400. The Pioneer Sp Bs22 Lrs deliver good detail, decent bass and good sound stage (sense of live space) for jazz, acoustic, classical, Hendrix & Co. Where the other speakers won was in radio pop, where it's all about forward, in your face, danceable sound. Keepers.

Only 1 left in stock.
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"Difficult to pair. HDMI connection issues. Denon service ..." - by Jean Luc Bechard
Difficult to pair. HDMI connection issues. Denon service apauling. They could not help resolve the issue. Shipped back and bought a marantz 1509 who is great

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"Great product. Thanks Yamaha" - by R2
Great product. Thanks Yamaha. My last yamaha receiver last for 30 years.This has all the features I want for my home theatre. The auto set up for speakers is wonderful. Installation was predictable and easy. Manual comes as PDF on CD.Arrived in a couple of days. Very happy.Only had for a week.

"Receiver works great allows for ARC and 4k passthrough" - by Drew
Receiver works great allows for ARC and 4k passthrough. Bought it from another store near me. The speakers are good enough they're not amazing but good enough for watching movies with the family.

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"sound bars are getting good" - by Roberto Moraes
Awesome option if you don't have the space or doesn't want to deal with the hassle of wires and bulky speakers. Price here is absurd though. What makes you think you can charge CAD 1000 over MRSP?

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"A1" - by Amazon Customer
Exactly what I was Looking For.