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Diaper Pail

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"Masks odors!" - by Sophia Hyginus
This is an amazing diaper pail. No odors whatsoever! Easy to use and dispose of diapers. The bags fill up quickly though, which is the only drawback. But, you can fit more diapers in the bag once you remove it from the pail. Overall, I would highly recommend this product.

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"Keeps the smell away" - by Krista Leite
As long as the diaper genie is not full. You can not smell the diapers. It is pricey to get the bag refills. So make sure you are prepared to be replacing them quite often. For me it is worth the convenience of it.

"Do what they are supposed to do" - by Laurel
These are the diaper pail bags for the Arm and Hammer Munchkin pail. They fit inside through the top of the diaper pail. The bag twists when you close the pail's lid to prevent smells. When the bag is full, the top of the bag clicks together and it's sealed. They function perfectly, to hold dirty diapers and prevent smell.

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"Excellent product! Gets the job done and I can ..." - by AN
Excellent product! Gets the job done and I can never smell poopy diapers regardless of how full it is. I tried a cheaper diaper genie in the past and it didn't work as well as this. Totally worth it! It kinda sucks to have to buy the refills all the time but I just buy them in bulk so I always have some. It's worth it!

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"Five Stars" - by Matt
It's really useful to keep tidy with all those messy diapers.

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"Best ever" - by Tara W.
Perfect for our nursery. Color is not quite white but still matches quite nicely. Best odor control of all the diaper pails we've tried.

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"Great quality!" - by Magdalena M
Thicker than the average diaper genie refills. We haven't had our bag tear yet ... Which happened with other brands.

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"It works" - by Martina
I'm using this diaper pail for dog poop storage -then it goes out to the trash every week . It contains the odor all week- I have a little dog and I don't pick up his poop until it has had time to dry out a bit :-). Gross I know! Of course there has been times when the poop wouldn't dry out with rain or whatever and it still contained the odor! This is the only thing that worked for me....and I tried a lot of different items! :-) Thank you safety first!

"Five Stars" - by BAB
Great cloth diaper pail liner. Good price. Fit my standard diaper pail well.

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"Perfect for Cloth Diapers" - by R Bach
This 'little' bag holds at least 18 cloth diapers with inserts. Holds the dampness and retains the smell. Easy to wash... with the cloth diapers :) Definitely durable and plan to use when my baby is a toddler and needs a bag for swim towel and bathing suit. On my 'Best gift to give a friend with a baby' list