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Nintendo 3DS

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"Great" - by abennai

"Thank you Nintendo" - by Meagol (TO)
Love the ability to take 3D photos, love the user interface, love the Augmented Reality game (included), and the Face Raiders sort-of-game (also included); both of these apps are short but they ooze Nintendo quirky goodness. Love that Ninty decided to include a 2GB SD card (though I've replaced it right away with a 16GB SDHC, in preparation for storing obscene amounts of 3D baby photos, and downloadable titles). Love the notion that I'll get rewarded for walking around with my 3DS in sleep mode; love the possibility of my 3DS meeting and playing other 3DS's without me knowing about it. Oh, and I love the charging cradle as well. Love the build quality.

Hate that there's only one game that interests me at this time, [[ASIN:B004R97L0C Steel Diver]],(UPDATE: NO WAIT, THERE ARE NO INTERESTING GAMES STILL; AND STEEL DIVER TURNED OUT TO BE A DUD) and it is ... full review

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"Really quite amazing" - by TeddyBear
I bought this for my son's birthday off of a different site. We previously had a Nintendo DSi. The 3D is brilliant! It really impressed me. I honestly haven't seen anything quite like it before this. My son is really happy with the backwards compatibility, his old DS games can be played on this.
The Mario land 3D game that comes pre-installed is much more in depth than other Mario games we've played, just when you think you've beaten the game you lead down the pipe again for more adventure.
The only draw back of this new 3DS is really not a draw back at all. It has better 3D than the previous model because it has better face/eye tracking technology however that means if it cannot recognize your face due to an odd angle you're sitting at or that you're playing in the dark, the 3D effect will ... full review

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"Great handheld" - by Hisham
A well-built device that exudes quality. It has many great games being made for it and I have experienced no issues with the buttons or gameplay.

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"No more SONY Playstation" - by Marc Poirier (Montreal, Quebec, CAN)
It was either the Nintendo 2DS or the PS4 and I must say I do not regret getting this little game console !

Already got a few games (which are very affordable compared to all other consoles) and I am quite impressed with the quality, both of game play and graphics.

The only down side to this is the fact that the device is in no way ergonomic :
prepare for cramps in the hands !

I wish they would make an ergonomic casing for it, but I found nothing so far..

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"Quality Product/Nice Cable Length" - by Aaron
It's an official Nintendo Charging cable, and works well. The cable is long enough to put it on my nightstand and still have cable left over. Be sure to un-fold the cable so it doesn't have too many annoying bends.

"What's not to love?" - by MitchS
A strong build from a company I would expect to.

-Large screen
-Good battery life
-Strong build
-Good sound quality
-Looks good
-Comfortable to hold

-Still a bit expensive. (Understandable however)

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"As described" - by Jay Ad
Great game! Came right on time

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"Awesome console for the price you really can't go wrong ..." - by Lorenzo Laurieri
Awesome console for the price you really can't go wrong lots of fun and super awesome if you can't afford a 3ds.

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"Damn good!" - by Tania St.
LOVE IT! I've been waiting to get the new 3ds when a decent looking one came out.. this lime green new Nintendo 3ds xl is beautiful. I upgraded to this from a regular 3ds and it's definitely more than what I imagined. Feels just right in the hands, the bigger screen is a delight and the new stick to adjust camera is definitely useful and the 3D aspect is seriously improved in the newer version. Very happy with this purchase totally worth it!

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"Pretty fun, but some games are too simple" - by Dan
Overall I'm enjoying the games, but the thing that was a little disappointing is that there is no yellow/red cards on soccer. Other games are pretty good.

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"A refreshing change of pace for someone who typically plays action games" - by Lucas
Having never played a game like Harvest Moon, or any of the previous installments of Runefactory I came into Runefactory 4 unaware of what I was supposed to expect other than what the synopsis of the game hints at.

The game begins on an airship, where your character (the main character model is a bit...lacking.) is attacked for a stone, on an unknown mission. This brings your character to a town. With no memory of who you were or what you were doing, you take up the responsibilites of a Prince and manage your own farm, and solve problems in the world around you.

The game is a mix between farming, which involves buying seeds, tilling land, planting and watering until they are ready for being harvested, solving problems for villagers, and dungeon delving. You gain skills over time that improve your ability to craft items, from tools ... full review

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"Five Stars" - by Hamilton N
USB Cable works great to charge my nintendo 3ds through my USB hub.

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"Highly recommendable" - by Chusko
*Bought on eShop*

Monster Hunter Generations is another must-have for fans of the series, blending perfectly he old with the new for a great overall package. Hunter Styles add that little extra intensity and tempo to the combat while the game tries to welcome new players with the optional tutorials.

It also does a few things better than its predecessor, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, but also a couple of things a little less impressively. The nod to nostalgia brings a lot of locations and quests to keep players busy, but makes the game lose a little of the narrative and focus of its predecessor.

Generations, overall, is the match of its predecessors that also boasts some innovations and improvements. This franchise is still far from perfection, but it's still one of the most enjoyable and immersive texperiences to be found on Nintendo hardware.

For any gamer ... full review

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"72 hours of fun" - by Chusko
Waited for so long for this game...

It's amazing Nintendo has managed to keep this timeless classic updated for this new incarnation.

It's mostly the loop of discovering new side-quests, working out all their solutions, collecting all those rewards
and make use of the useful albeit bizarre mask powers that make this game genuinely different.

The game has a surreal tone that drags you in, and with it's non-linear structure, the game doesn't feel like
a Zelda game at times.

Many of the frustrating elements from the original game are gone and that helps make the game more attractive.

Awesome game.