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"Good Buy" - by MountainManDan
I ordered one of these Xbox 360s, it was exactly what I was looking for and it arrived a day earlier than I expected. Packaging was good and tight. The Xbox is quiet and reads discs fast. I will most definitely be adding a cheap hard drive, so I can play Xbox ORIGINALS and install Xbox 360 games. I like the Matte Black version much better than Gloss Black.

"Great controller for the price." - by John P
Great replacement controller at a fraction of the price of an original.
This works great with my Xbox 360. Nice cord length and it feels solid. Not cheaply made.

Very happy with my purchase.

"does not come in a box" - by DottieMojzak (Quebec)
great product, but mine did not come in a box. just all the pieces wrapped in bubble wrap. makes it look cheap and used. it was to be a christmas present, but now i am not so sure :/ it should state this in the description.

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"So better quality against the one I bought at 35$" - by Johanne H.
So better quality against the one I bought at 35$. Very more dispensive, but it works perfectly. There is a high quality difference with genuine products. I should do buy this one first. I lost my money with the one at 35 $.

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"Gaming freedom. Worth the price, lasts a very long time (battery). Definitely love it." - by solarisfowl
This opened up whole new worlds for me and my PC gaming. The couch is a comfortable location now. Was using a beat up old 360 wired controller.

Battery Life: I put >80 hours into the witcher 3 before needing to replace the batteries. That's quite excellent.

Installation: Had a few issues pairing it because the device manager didn't give it the right drivers. If you have this issue you need to go into the device manager to human interface devices and change the microsoft input device to X360 controller. This is not word for word (just from memory) so if you have the issue just search on google with a few of those keywords and you'll find good instructions. Was fixed in 5 minutes. Other than that it was incredibly simple to install.

Range: Have the computer in one room. Long HDMI to my TV in another room. Has no problems connecting ... full review

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"Minewashed!" - by karlfish (Toronto, Canada)
My kids love this. Also has the capabilities for 4 players at a time, but you will need 4 controllers. Anything Microsoft spends over 2 billion on - you know has to be good!!!!

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"Back on XBox" - by Angie Berg (Halton Hills)
Needed to replace the old Xbox 360 controller. Not easy to find in stores now with the Xbox One out. The controller plugged in easy and the Xbox found it very fast. Lights were blinking in seconds! The knobs and buttons are sensitive to touch and moves the cursor very quickly across the screen which is awesome. It is very effortless to use. It looks and feels like any other Xbox controller. Nothing different. Worth the purchase.

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"So far so good" - by ‘Lo
So far so good. First charge didn’t hold too long but the second and hopefully subsequent charges are good

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"Definitely recommended." - by Matin Bozorg
Excellent alternative for Xbox 360 controllers. Since it's wired, it's also lighter than the wireless controllers which actually make it easier to handle. If you do not mind a third party controller that is CHEAPER (while still capable of what the official controller can), then this product will be right for you.

P.S. the controller is rumble-less, but only if that is important to you.

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"Perfect to open up your retro gaming dreams!" - by Joseph Archer (Toronto, Canada)
Does what was needed. I pulled out the old N64 and wanted to clean it properly. This tool kit fit the bill perfectly. Each driver was made well, and the brush was an excellent addition. My N64 is now working great, and looks amazing with all of the dust and junk off of it!

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"great price works great" - by C.K. (here)
Bought these for my son's xbox 360 controller dogs hate his original one works great

Usually ships within 4 to 5 days.
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"Works great with Win 7 x64" - by akinator
My package didn't have a disc like others have mentioned (i never use those anyway). When i plugged it in it didn't install properly. a simple search on Google took me to the Microsoft site and the proper driver. Installed, rebooted and synched my controller with ease. Tried it with AC3 and Alice: Madness Returns with no problems

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"Super" - by Genevieve
Super jeux mon neveu est très satisfait.

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"Excellent Product" - by David Xing
I was trying to install Destiny in my Xbox 360, but the hard drive was too small for the game. So I ordered this 250GB hard disk drive from Nextec. The product was excellent, and the price is very good. It is very easy to install, and it works perfectly with my Xbox Console. Strongly recommend this product for people who need to expand their hard drive storage for Xbox 360.

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"WOW" - by Gil P.
One of the best games, a classic. Brand new, original package got it in less than 48hrs. Yes