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The Amazon Smart Home Store features the technology and products you need for a connected home, allowing you to control your lights, room temperature, or even music through a connected system. Whether you are looking for the basics to get started, or if you are expanding on a robust setup, the Smart Home Store will help you reach your home automation goal and find the various devices you need. This includes initial products such as routers and hubs, or products for established connected homes like lightbulbs, thermostats, or door locks. Within the Smart Home Store, you can shop both featured brands and products for general home solutions. This will allow you find top brands such as Nest, Sylvania, Ecobee, and Philips. If you are looking for specific product types, you can explore the Smart Home Store by thermostats, light bulbs, dimmers and switches, door locks, security and surveillance, wireless and streaming audio, or connected car. You can even find specialty products through Amazon Launchpad.